Israeli Leader: “It’s Time To Turn Gaza Into Dresden! Gas the Palestinians Now!”

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Israeli leader calls for holocaust of Palestinians

Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin has declared that Israel will soon begin the process of gassing all remaining Palestinians living in Gaza, with the aim of complete and total “annihilation” of Palestinian civilians living near Israel. reports: While one might want to dismiss Feiglin’s comments as the ravings of a lunatic, the Israeli government is following his plan exactly. 

France 24 shared satellite images of the damage from Israel’s airstrikes showing entire city blocks have been leveled. 

Gaza authorities have claimed the 12,000 tons of explosives Israel’s dropped on Gaza “is equivalent to the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan” in 1945.

Israel’s oldest reservist was proudly filmed telling IDF soldiers to kill Palestinian “families, mothers and children” — including their own Palestinian neighbors in Israel — and “erase the memory of them.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu justified the slaughter by claiming that Jews are “the people of the light” and Palestinians are “the people of darkness” and his war is fulfilling “the prophecy of Isaiah.”

Rather than push back against this insanity, our Secretary of State Antony Blinken is doing everything in his power to justify Israel’s war crimes by claiming Hamas’ attack on Israel was “the equivalent of ten 9/11s” and comparing Hamas’ attacks to the Holocaust!

America used to be a neutral arbiter in the Middle East but now we’re totally in the tank for Israel and helping facilitate their war crimes! 

A CBS News/YouGov last week found the majority of Americans do not want the US to send “weapons and supplies” to Israel for their war with Gaza but the DC regime has already sent aircraft carriers and thousands of troops to the region to ensure the slaughter continues!

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