Modelling Agent Linked To Jeffrey Epstein, Charged with Raping Minors

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Jean-Luc Brunel

Jean-Luc Brunel, a modelling agent suspected of organizing the “accommodation of young girls or young women on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein” has been charged with sexual harassment and the rape of minors.

Paris Prosecutor Remy Heitz said Brunel “is suspected of having committed acts of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment on various minors” and was arrested last week at Charles de Gaulle airport as he was about to fly to Senegal.

Breitbart reports: The Paris prosecutor announced in a statement Saturday that the charges were handed out Friday by a magistrate at the end of Brunel´s custody period. It said Brunel was not handed any human trafficking charges, which was one of the main lines of inquiry. The magistrate decided that there was not currently enough evidence to rule on that count, but he was not acquitted and could be charged in the future if anything new emerges. Brunel was remanded in custody.

Brunel is being investigated as part of a broad French probe into alleged sexual exploitation of women and girls by Epstein and his circle. Multiple women have identified themselves as victims and spoken to police since the French probe was opened in August last year, the same month in which Epstein committed suicide in jail.

A former model who testified to French police that she was drugged and raped as a teenager by Brunel said she wept tears of joy at the news of his detention.


  1. he is in the headlines because he is not doing what he is told by his blackmailers. I wonder what they wanted him to do?

  2. Girls know the ropes They aren’t living in a vacuum and they do go along thinking it will get even fame and fortune And the age if minority is a crime against Nature .Kids know what’s right and wrong for them instinctively and they know what they want to do or not do .As little entrepreneurs and actors And no ones a better actor than a teenager who isnt stupid, cause they have those little blank canvas faces still that they wear as a mask that hides every e option going on in their little heads Their little heads raised in playing monopoly and snakes and ladders and learning all the skills of deception from their environment

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