British PM Cancels Christmas In London & Much Of South East England

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Boris Johnson imposes Christmas lockdown for London and SE England

Christmas Lockdown

UK prime minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday that he had moved London, the Southeast and Peterborough into a Tier 4 lockdown for the Christmas holiday.

The move means that people living in that tier cannot mix with anyone outside their own household, effectively cancelling Christmas. Non-essential businesses will all be closed from Sunday.

Londoners took Johnson’s announcement of a Covid-19 lockdown for the Christmas holiday as their cue to flee London

Videos posted on social media showed large crowds at rail stations queuing to escape the area designated as Tier 4 under the UK’s Covid-19 rules.

Breitbart reports:

The country had been looking forward to five days of limited respite from the curbs over Christmas, but this has now been snatched away, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson reducing the so-called Christmas window to one day — December 2th — at best, and removing it altogether in areas where the new virus strain has taken hold.

London, much of south-east England, and Bedford, Central Bedford, Milton Keynes, Luton, Peterborough, Hertfordshire, and parts of Essex will now be moved into a new “tier four” lockdown even harsher than tier three, with stay-at-home orders and people banned from mixing indoors with anyone not from their own household throughout the festive period.


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  3. The (possible) irony is this exodus from London could be the very means by which COVID 19 is ushered into previously safer parts of the country.

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