Attorney General Bill Barr Says Ghislaine Maxwell Will Not Be Allowed To Die In Jail

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Bill Barr Ghislaine Maxwell

Attorney General Bill Barr has vowed that Ghislaine Maxwell will not be allowed to die in jail like her former lover and partner in crime Jeffrey Epstein.

Barr said that he was “livid” when billionaire pedophile Epstein apparently killed himself in his Manhattan prison cell because he wanted to see him brought to justice

The Mail Online reports: Asked an interview with ABC News if the government had Maxwell’s security ‘locked up’ to ensure she would neither be able to kill herself or be harmed, Barr answered firmly: ‘Yes. We have asked them to tell us specifically the protocols they’re following and we have a number of systems to monitor the situation.’ 

He added that he was ‘livid’ when Epstein killed himself and that he wanted to see him brought to justice. 

‘I was livid obviously. I believed very strongly in that case and I was very proud of the work done by the department, the Southern District on that case, and as you recall, after he committed suicide, I said that I was confident that we would continue to pursue this case vigorously and continue to pursue anyone who was complicit in it.

‘I was very happy we were able to get Ms Maxwell,’ he said. 

Maxwell, 58, is currently in custody in Brooklyn, awaiting her first court appearance on charges of child sex trafficking and perjury. Speculation is rife that she may talk to prosecutors about others in her and Epstein’s network in an effort to reduce her potential sentence. 

Among the names on the list is Prince Andrew, who allegedly slept with a 17-year-old after being introduced to her by Maxwell in London in 2001. 

Barr said that prosecutors ‘definitely’ want to speak to the royal and claims they have been trying to contact him. 

‘Definitely the department wants to talk to Prince Andrew. That’s why the Southern District has been making efforts to communicate with him.

‘We’ve made it clear that we’d like to communicate with him,’ Barr said. 


  1. Mr. Barr, Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide. The jailers know it. The coroner knows it. Hillary knows it.
    We all know it. And you know it.

  2. Barr hints . . . Barr suggests . . . Barr signals . . . Barr says . . .

    Whenever I read sentences that begin with these words I get really suspicious. Barr has said a lot, but has been short on action. It’s always just a month a way, or by the beginning of summer, or by the end of summer, or before the election, or maybe next year. Always in the future. Never today.

    • The optimist in me thinks he’s being thwarted by those covering for the guilty. The pessimist in me says that he’s just another gummint stooge going through the motions with no real interest in bringing charges against anyone.

      • Does it matter? Lincoln kept going until he found a general (Grant) who would and could fight. Trump can’t seem to get out of second gear. Maybe it’s Trump who has no intention of fighting?

          • Welll Holy mackrel der Kingfish, you seem to be missing the entire forrest. The reality has nothing to do with Trump’s pugnacious nature, or his ability to controll the news cycle via Twitter. I’d think the last couple of months would have shown you that game is over. He isn’t getting by on a bluff and a trick, a shoe shine and a smile anymore. The fat is in the fire. They’re all in and coming for him and America is in the balalnce and forever too, if they win.

            Trump hasn”t exhibited any ability, or intention to hurt his enemies so they keep circling closer and closer. They aren’t afraid of him, these masters of the universe. He hasn’t charged a single person. He can’t even execute executive duties without the courts rollling him up. The Pentagon, FBI, CIA, DOJ they have neutralized all his power. Where are the Special Prosecutors to go around Barr? He wakes looking for a fight, but I don’t see a single person with a bloody nose, not one. I see anyone who has ever said good morning to Trump up on a cross, Manafort, Flyn, Stone, but I don’t see anyone he has laid a glove on.

            Everything he has done was necessary, but none of it is adequate, if he wants to win.

          • Finally, someone knows who the Kingfish is! And you misspelled “forest”. The last couple of months have shown me that Trump has zero allies. The demonstrations have been staged/funded by white men in paneled offices and promoted by the media. Part of the resistance he has met stems from the checks and balances built into our system. Finally, you’re calling me out in this tirade on some stuff about which have expressed no opinion. I made no reference to the general unrest of the nation. But I do appreciate the exchange.

          • I never learned to spell. I apologize. When the spell check goes out, I’m exposed. I also apologize for personalizing my response. It is a fault of mine. I tend to be pugnacious, sometimes unintentionally and unnecessarily. This is definitely an example of both.

            Allow me to demonstrate just one instance of what Trump might do. It may be ill considered as I have absolutely no way of evaluating, but allow me to advance it as an example of the type of aggressive, pro active action someone like Trump, a determined president could do in face of a shadow government, which as you point out has been consistently subverting him and his Administration.

            Trump does his homework and lines up some ducks an inner circle for immediate action. As an example let’s use a name everyone is familiar with. Recruit Gregg Jarret on retainer so to speak, along with Tom Fitton another well known and respected national figure and give them a few days, or whatever they need to settle their affairs and assemble a sub rose staff of attorneys. Map out the plan for action. Then call an emergency, May Day, May Day meeting with Barr and Durham.

            Send cars and staff to bring them over to the White House. Catch them off guard completely; emergency, emergency. Shut the door and ask them what’s the plan and exactly where are we and when is it all going public, what are the time lines? When are charges being filed against whom and for what? When, as I suspect it is deemed by the President and advisers who are to be present to be too little too late, insufficient and indecesive and, the President’s pressure to advance it is firmly rebuffed by Barr and Durham as anticipated, discharge them both on the spot. Relieve them of all duties, lock them out and escort them from the building and revoke their access to their offices. They are done. The public explannation is they weren’t satisfying the President’s expectations. Spokespersons can say they had an agenda in conflict with the President’s. They serve at his pleasure and as they weren’t, they no longer are.

            Now send in Jarret and his team who were waiting curbside over at the DOJ to review and retrieve all evidence and prior work history. Have them evaluate and secure all documents and records, do whatever is necessary to issue charges and arrest warrents in th enext few days and continue to build from there. You get the picture. Also anticipate the response. Have the White house meeting with Barr and Durham video taped and recorded. Have advissors present to help and to bear wittiness in future inquiries. Be prepared for the blow back and be prepared to start charging some very important people immediately and having them arrested too, the way Stone was arrested, booked and bailed out as slowly as possible. Get this Epstien gal Maxwell in special protective custody the same day he fires Barr before they can kill her.

            Whoa, suddenly it’s a whole different ball game. Arrest Biden and be prepared to arrest Obama as soon as it can be justified. They bail out, but now, suddenly everyone is affraid of Trump and the nation is in a state of emergency. Trust the media to do that with Democrats are screaming into cameras. Trump is the President and he can, or certainly could call a state of emergency and put soldiers to work, if necessary.

            He won’t get another AG out of McConnel, or his senate. So Trump acts as his own AG declaring treason and sedition afoot and a state of national emergency regards the deep state and in possible collusion with China and without using soldiers, but having soldiers on the ready. Now give Tucker Carson, Hannity, Laurar Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanne, Jessie Waters, Gregg Gutfield et all special, priveleged, cart blance access, and throw press conferences with the national press corp daily, just keep rolling.

            Now that’s decesive. That’s game changing. That’s offense. That’s feeding your base. Announce there simply won’t be any voter fraud. Phuck whatever ruling the supreme court might make about local state’s constitutional rights to run elections. Jackson defied the SC. So can Trump. Commander internet and TV coverage. You said he has no allies, which is partially true. But when he opens the flood gates, he has the only allies that count, the only allies he has ever had, the American people. That’s fighting and OBTW, that’s winning, if Trump only had the balls, which he hasn’t.

            You see Trump doesn’t know what a real fight is. I’d bet he has never had one. He does marketing and business bluffs, bullschit and gold leaf, looks for an opening and slides through sideways with board room antics and media promotions. I suspect the masters of the universe have him figured out at this juncture. They aren’t about to give up their global aspirations behind his huffing and puffing. Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Trump won’t. I doubt he has ever read any history, or literature and I doubt he even knows how to fight. It’s a real shame. He could have been somebody, if you get my drift.

    • Lawyers, politicians, and charlatans love weasel words.

      Barr is our only hope, but he certainly has not proven to be much in the way of fulfillment. Too much weasel and not enough action.

  3. Wow, the mummy actually spoke. The question is whether, or not any of us will still be alive, when, if ever he actually does something, anything. Barr is full of schit. He is to Trump what Mc Clellan was to Lincoln. As for Maxwll, she is either killed now, or she will wait to see, if Biden is elected. If Biden wins she gets off. If Trump wins she may cut a deal, but where she is being held almost guarantees she will be murdered befre the election, or immediately after.

      • I don’t know, but how about Grenell? He did more as a temporary appointment than Barr, Durham and Wray put together and multiplied by two. How about Tom Fitton from Judical Watch? How about appointing Flyn as head of FBI? Mark Meadows has done wonder as chief of staff. What about Steve Forbes? Surely there is a place for a man such as he. Can we suggest as Fed chairman?

        Point being, there are many possible and potential General Grants and that’s a good thing too, because we couldn’t possibly have too many, but the real question is, where oh where is President Lincoln? Llincoln knew he had to preserve the Union (USA) and he knew he had to fight to do it. Trump, well I’m not so sure. He seems to think he can do it with board room marketing tricks.

  4. what do you mean “playing us now too?” This whole thing has been political theater- left/right; Trump/anti-Trump; prosecute/don’t prosecute. It has all been one great, big show for the peoples and we all got paid $1200 of our own money for being extras in the show. They are all DS. We have been played for over a century now.

  5. Concita,Sarniff who is director of some worr if pedophilia investigating body, and author of a book on epstein ,I think , and also a friend of Ghislane from the 80 a and 90s at least said that the DOJ made a non prosecution deal with Epstein back in 08 ,that included Ghislane.That was a,federal legally binding contract drawn up with Epsteins lawyers and the DOJ .That’s why they murdered Jeffery Because that’s why he was happy the last time he saw his lawyer ..That’s what they don’t want the public to know. And that contract has not been nullified and contiues to protect Ghislane really .That’s the dirt on the guilty and reveals the depth and height of it all . Image is everything .

  6. Mr. Barr, Epstein did not kill himself… and most Americans know (and much of the world knows) that. By keeping up the charade, you only are making yourself out the fool.

  7. Just watch out for the Clinton Crime Cartel. She knows a lot about rapist Slick Willie Clinton and his hag of a wife, Hillary.

  8. Hahaha, that is funny, Her suicide has already be planned and is only a matter of time. Especially when she has ties to the Rothschild pedophiles. The Rothschilds need to be executed and their wealth distributed amongst the low earners in western countries. Behead that cunt Soros and all of his domestic terrorist group operatives.

  9. It used to be the law that you werent allowed to die in Westminster parliament too .But how ridiculous to say she wont be allowed to die as if shes suicidal when she could have gone to france anytime on any number of private jets or yachts and without even any passport any all .They’re all so full of it .The whole load of them.Anyway so what’s the latest She was supposed to be videoconferencing Court
    yesterday or today ?

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