Attorney General Bill Barr Says Ghislaine Maxwell Will Not Be Allowed To Die In Jail

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Bill Barr Ghislaine Maxwell

Attorney General Bill Barr has vowed that Ghislaine Maxwell will not be allowed to die in jail like her former lover and partner in crime Jeffrey Epstein.

Barr said that he was “livid” when billionaire pedophile Epstein apparently killed himself in his Manhattan prison cell because he wanted to see him brought to justice

The Mail Online reports: Asked an interview with ABC News if the government had Maxwell’s security ‘locked up’ to ensure she would neither be able to kill herself or be harmed, Barr answered firmly: ‘Yes. We have asked them to tell us specifically the protocols they’re following and we have a number of systems to monitor the situation.’ 

He added that he was ‘livid’ when Epstein killed himself and that he wanted to see him brought to justice. 

‘I was livid obviously. I believed very strongly in that case and I was very proud of the work done by the department, the Southern District on that case, and as you recall, after he committed suicide, I said that I was confident that we would continue to pursue this case vigorously and continue to pursue anyone who was complicit in it.

‘I was very happy we were able to get Ms Maxwell,’ he said. 

Maxwell, 58, is currently in custody in Brooklyn, awaiting her first court appearance on charges of child sex trafficking and perjury. Speculation is rife that she may talk to prosecutors about others in her and Epstein’s network in an effort to reduce her potential sentence. 

Among the names on the list is Prince Andrew, who allegedly slept with a 17-year-old after being introduced to her by Maxwell in London in 2001. 

Barr said that prosecutors ‘definitely’ want to speak to the royal and claims they have been trying to contact him. 

‘Definitely the department wants to talk to Prince Andrew. That’s why the Southern District has been making efforts to communicate with him.

‘We’ve made it clear that we’d like to communicate with him,’ Barr said. 

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