Aborted babies incinerated in massive ovens to heat UK hospitals

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UK hospitals have incinerated over 15,000 aborted babies to heat their buildings while telling mothers their aborted babies were “cremated,” an investigative report has shockingly uncovered. The aborted babies were shoveled into “waste-to-energy” ovens that combust biomass to generate heat in the same way that heating oil or coal generates heat. This was all apparently done with the full knowledge of hospital administrators, government regulators and medical doctors.

“The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals,” reports The Telegraph. “At least 15,500 fetal remains were incinerated by 27 NHS trusts over the last two years alone, Channel 4’s Dispatches discovered.”

“Health officials in the U.K. face scrutiny after it came to light that state run hospitals have been incinerating fetuses along with their garbage,” reports the International Business Times.

Stillbirths also incinerated in giant ovens to heat hospitals

It’s not just aborted babies that are combusted to generate heat, either: there are over 4,000 stillbirths each year in the UK, and those babies are also incinerated in large ovens to generate heat for hospitals.

In addition to babies, these “waste-to-energy” programs also incinerate other tissues, organs and even limbs removed during surgery. Anything removed from a patient during surgery or an abortion becomes fair game tissue that surgeons can toss into the “incineration” pile. From there, hospital workers feed the body parts into massive ovens.

The absolute disgrace of modern medicine: babies as fuel for the furnace

What this practice shows is that, to the conventional medical system, the value of a living human baby is no more than that of a lump of coal.

An institution that claims to help save lives is actually in the business of routinely terminating them and shoveling the dead bodies in massive ovens to lower their own heating bills. This must make hospital administrators especially happy, knowing they can lower their operating costs (and boost profits!) by incinerating aborted babies to turn skin, bones, brain tissue and once-beating hearts into BTUs. Christmas bonus, anyone?

Just like Nazi crematoriums

If the image of bodies being incinerated in massive ovens seems familiar, that’s because the same atrocity took place during another dark era of human history: the Nazi-run Holocaust and attempted extermination of the Jews.

In concentration camps like Auschwitz, human bodies were incinerated in massive ovens, just like it has long been done in UK hospitals:


Auschwitz crematorium, or UK hospital? They look the same and accomplish the same task.

Massive ovens have long been used to dispose of bodies after they were murdered. The “innovation” of modern medicine is to make the process of murder and incineration more “green” by turning dead bodies into heat so that the very doctors who perform these procedures can carry out their procedures in the comfort of a warm room.

Yes, burning aborted babies is a “green energy” practice, didn’t you know? Burning babies is clean energy, we are supposed to believe. The mental derangement necessary to justify such grotesque atrocities is beyond explanation.

This practice makes my soul scream out in justified anger against the mass murderers of babies

Of course, if it’s heat these cretins are after, they won’t have to wait long. Hell is even hotter than a baby-combusting oven, and there’ no escaping that because unlike human bodies, souls are eternal.

Such philosophical discussions seem to be of no concern to those who run the UK conventional medical system, of course. They just want to keep their hospitals comfy, and they have no hesitation whatsoever using aborted babies as a source of convenient fuel. Besides, it’s not only “green” it’s also “renewable” as long as women keep having abortions! GREEN AND RENEWABLE! Sounds like utopia!

By the way, if you are reading this article and do not feel extreme anger and disgust, you are simply not human. A living human baby is a sacred being. A medical system that treats these once-living beings as nothing more than fuel for the ovens is a system of pure evil that knows no bounds.

Modern medicine is a life-destroying institution of pure evil

We already know the medical system is pure evil, of course. It exists primarily to destroy life, not to save it: Toxic pharmaceuticals, mercury-laced vaccines, the psychiatric drugging of children, brain-destroying chemotherapy treatments and radiation-emitting mammograms all have one thing in common: they destroy life and create disease, suffering and death.

If our medical system were truly interested in helping people achieve lasting health, it would be based on nutrition, patient empowerment and education, the removal of all toxic heavy metals from vaccines, and the nurturing of healthy children through healthy childbirth, breastfeeding and responsible parenting.

But that’s not at all what we see in modern medicine. Instead, we see a system so infected with the incessant worship of profit that it routinely puts patients at risk in order to sell more high-profit treatments. How many breast cancer cases being treated today are false positives? How many patients are dying from unnecessary wisdom teeth extraction surgery? How many babies are spontaneously aborted by mercury in vaccines given to expectant mothers? How many people are killed by Big Pharma’s deadly drugs?

Hitler’s Holocaust reportedly killed six million innocents, yet today’s medical system kills over 780,000 people each year in America alone! Globally, conventional medicine kills millions each and every year, dwarfing even the Holocaust in terms of lives destroyed and bodies disposed.

And yet it is one of the most profitable industries on the planet, largely because the medical system is able to figure out all sorts of creative ways to turn bodies into profit. False cancer diagnosis is one of the primary ways this is done, but burning aborted babies to save money on heating fuel is yet another.

What we are witnessing in today’s medical system is beyond sick. It is beyond derangement. It is a reflection of nothing less than pure, destructive evil and an intense desire to desecrate all life.

We deserve better. We deserve a medical system that holds life sacred and exercises compassion toward expectant mothers. We will only get such a system when we finally expose the true evil of conventional medicine and replace it with a system that serves life rather than destroying it.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044431_aborted_babies_incinerators_hospital_heat.html#ixzz3K9wpquG7

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