‘No More Room at The Inn’: NYC Mayor Admits Migrant Crisis Will Bankrupt City

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New York City mayor Eric Adams (D) has slammed the Biden administration for sending less than 1% of the funding required to cover the vast expenses incurred by the city due to the ongoing migrant crisis after states including Colorado and Florida sent migrants to the Big Apple.

However, the Democrat mayor refused to criticize Biden’s lax border policies which have facilitated the unprecedented surge in people walking across the southern border into the United States.

New York is set to receive the first federal dollars to help pay for costs incurred during the ongoing migrant crisis, but the amount awarded is less than 1% of City Hall’s total $1 billion request, according to reports.

The $7.89 million will be used to reimburse New York City for costs incurred due to the crisis prior to Oct. 1, according to City Hall.

But Adams — who asked the federal government for $1 billion to pay for migrant housing and services — said there were “real dollar amounts” tied to the state of emergency he declared in October, and $7.89 million won’t even keep the lights on.

When two reporters mentioned Biden in their questions, Adams wouldn’t even utter the name of his 80-year-old fellow Democrat, much less criticize his open border policies.

“Listen, we have to solve the migrant, immigrant issue, so it’s easy to point to whoever’s in the White House at the time. Those are Band-Aids.”

Adams’ remarks came a day after revealing that he’d learned Democratic Colorado Gov. Jared Polis was “going to be sending migrants to places like New York City and Chicago.”

Adams called that move “unfair to local governments,” adding, “There is no more room at the inn.”

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