Bill Gates Giggles As He Admits Covid Shots Don’t Last Long or Block Infections

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Making his annual appearance at Davos, Microsoft founder and self-appointed world heath czar Bill Gates could not suppress a giggle as he admitted Covid-19 vaccines do not work for long or perform well at infection blocking.

The vaccines don’t have much in the way of duration, and they’re not good at infection blocking,” admitted Bill Gates to the crowd of global elites.

So what do the vaccines do? Many people have been canceled in the last two years for saying exactly what Gates is finally admitting. Mainstream media and fact checkers have destroyed anybody who has dared to criticise the Big Pharma shots. But now, it seems, the truth about the vaccines is starting to emerge.

Taxpayers in the US and Europe paid billions upon billions of dollars for these vaccines that Bill Gates has just dismissed with a giggle.

Gates isn’t the only one dismissing the vaccines. Pfizer CEO Alert Bourla explained to the World Economic Forum in Davos that there is a 7,000,000,000 dose surplus of his Covid-19 vaccine sitting in warehouses around the world. His reason for this massive over-supply?

According to the Big Pharma boss, there aren’t “enough educated populations that believe the vaccines are doing well.

Meanwhile, can somebody explain what is going on with the Pfizer CEO’s neck? Is he a lizard?
Baxter Dmitry
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