VIDEO: Strange Inscriptions In Jerusalem’s Ritual Baths Baffle Scientists

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Sometimes, ancient inscriptions are easy to decipher for archeologists.  Other times, scientists and researchers have a more difficult time knowing their true meaning.  In the case of a 2,000 year old message recently found inscribed on the wall of one of Jerusalem’s ancient ritualistic baths, experts are baffled as to the message’s true meaning.

According to GeoBeatsNews:

Sometimes it takes archaeologists years of searching a site to uncover ancient objects of great significance.

Other times, they just stumble upon the finds.

The latter is the case with the recent discovery of an ancient message written on a wall of a former ritual bath in Jerusalem.

Professionals from the Israeli Antiquities Authority were inspecting a construction site when they laid eyes upon the writing and images.

Both the text and paintings are believed to be roughly 2,000 years old and were made using soot, mud and carvings into the walls.

The words are written in Aramaic using Hebrew script, which was a customary practice at the time.

The meaning of the pictures, however, are proving to be tough to figure out.

One of them appears to be a menorah, though depicting the religious object wasn’t typically done back then.

While what the message at large means remains a mystery, researchers are currently working to decipher it.

Thus far, they remain uncertain as to whether it’s an important message or simply ancient graffiti.

The piece of cave wall was removed from the site for both conservation treatments and future public display.

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