UK Nuclear Sub In Position To Attack Iran If Tensions Give Way To war

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A Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles is already in position to strike Iran if tensions between Washington and Tehran give way to full scale conflict.

Armed force officials are working to ensure Britain is ready to back America militarily if asked, amid fears of war breaking out between Iran and the US according to reports..

Press TV reports: According to The Sun newspaper, a Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, is in striking position of Iran.

The Sun quotes its defence sources as claiming that the higher echelons of the British military are eager to support the US militarily if the Americans decide to attack Iran.

“If things unravel quickly, the UK will always stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the US. The hunter-killers are the most advanced submarines in the Royal Navy. They are a deadly asset and there is one well within range of Iran”, The Sun quoted one of its defence sources.

According to the same source, the crew of the submarine just need to manoeuvre into a “firing pocket” in order to unleash their missiles, which carry a 1,000lb high-explosive warhead with a range of more than 1,550 miles.

In addition, The Sun reports that operatives from the Special Air Service (SAS) and the Special Boat Service (SBS) – two core components of the UK Special Forces community – have been sent to Iraq to aid in “rescue missions”.

The revelation about the dispatch of SAS and SBS operatives to Iraq contradicts earlier media reports that the British and American forces are withdrawing from the country.

Despite its impeccable tabloid credentials, The Sun newspaper is viewed as credible on defence matters based on its usually strong sources.

The UK’s preparation for potential military action against Iran contradicts Raab’s claim that the UK seeks “de-escalation” in the intensifying crisis.


  1. Oh dear lots of propagandists posting pictures of military hardware on these forums trying to con the right into sending their kids off to war to fight for Israel and )3wish religious prophecy ! Nobodies falling for your foreign wars to destabilise muslim countries anymore ! So once their towns and cities are destroyed, they all come to Europe, funded by the same politicians WITH OUR MONEY ! who started the war in the first place ! “The gig is up !

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