Military On ‘Red Alert’ As Russian Fighter Jet Shoots US Destroyer

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Russian fighter jet shoots at US destroyer putting military on 'red alert'

The U.S. military has been placed on “red alert” following an attack on a US destroyer by a Russian fighter jet in the Black Sea in February.

Newly released footage shows two Russian Su-24 jets shooting at the destroyer USS Porter on Feb. 10. The aircraft comes within 200 yards of the deck at an altitude of 300 feet as it shoots overhead.

Such incidents are concerning because they can result in accident or miscalculation,” Navy Capt. Danny Hernandez, a spokesman for U.S. European Command, said.

UK Mirror reports:

It is unclear why the jet engaged in such an aggressive manoeuvre, but Russia has recently been reasserting its strategic control over the Black Sea region.

Russia has a huge naval battle fleet stationed in Sevastopol. The Kremlin is spending a fortune beefing up the nation’s armed forces.

Putin’s forces are carrying out a gruelling Cold War exercise in freezing Arctic conditions as Russia moves to bolster its military presence in the region.

A 2,000 kilometre convoy of snow trucks and impenetrable tanks was seen thundering over the frozen Laptev Sea as it travelled to a new state-of-the-art military base.

Units will test out new equipment and specialised uniforms that can stand -30C conditions after travelling from the bleak Arctic port of Tiksi to the island of Kotelny.

Deputy Defence Minister Gen. Dmitry Bulgakov said the aim was to “research and test new and promising models of weapons and military and special equipment in the Arctic”.


  1. Get the fck out of other peoples back yard dumb ass, trying to start a war on the other side of the Atlantic?.

  2. A 2,000 kilometre convoy of snow trucks and impenetrable tanks was seen thundering over the frozen Laptev Sea ??


    Are you sniffing glue ?

  3. You will have to forgive me, i got a public school of “education”. Could someone tell me which coast of the USA, the black sea waves lap on?

  4. The portals at the nth and sth poles are about to open… but the Russians have no chance of affecting what is about to happen…… they will be too busy bombing Americas east coast… what is about to come from the country can control or affect…. stupid humans… And crawling on the planets face some insects called the human race….. lost in time.. lost in space.. and… meaning

  5. Need to do better than that, That happened last year. RED alert for what?? “The sky is falling”?

    • According to the article. this event occurred 2/10/2017. I realize this is not the first time, but …

      And there were no weapons discharged in the video.

  6. The Americans are provoking – you all come half way across the globe to try to show your military supremacy to the Russians and you expect them to be sniffing Vodka ? Come on guys go back home – you are yet to win a war after the WWII.

    • LOL, so what did you say when the Russian Navy had their spy ship parked off our Eastern coast in mid Feb?

      Are you an uninformed liberal? You sound like another one of them.

  7. No one shot at anyone. It was a “Hello” buzz. We do it to each other all the time. What a bunch of crap headline

  8. In my opinion this is most likely fake, I can picture the us military staging a “Russian attack” in order to go to war though.
    Hopefully it will never come down to those circumstances.

  9. This writer should have his ass kicked and any credentials revoked. What a stupid thing to say, “Attacked”..!!

  10. Misleading headline. The planes did NOT “shoot at” the US destroyer. They flew past it. “Buzzing” is not “shooting at”, the latter of which means they actually fired ammunition or munitions at the ship. Clickbait destroys credibility. Stop that shit.

  11. I acknowledge that the term “shoot” means to do a close fly by in the NAVY. But to everyone else, the headline implies that the Russians opened fire on the US ship. Misleading much?

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