Minister Admits UK Government Considered Tearing ‘Covid’ Positive People From Their Homes

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The Truth is Coming Out

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Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has admitted that the British government actually considered tearing ‘Covid’ positive people from their homes and even discussed it with behavioural psychologists to see if they could get away with it

She said the government considered removing “mothers and fathers and families and children” from their homes to be sent to quarantine isolation centres if they tested positive for Covid during lockdowns

Dorries, who was a health minister at the time, told GB News that she was approached by former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt ( who is now a potential Boris Johnson successor) and told to adopt this orwellian ‘Zero Covid’ approach.

Despite this shocking admission from a senior UK government official there has been virtually zero media coverage.

The Daily Sceptic reports: The now-Culture Secretary told Dan Wootton, who decided not to dig deeper into the claims:

[Jeremy] said ‘you’ve got to speak to Matt [Hancock]’. It was at the time Nightingale hospitals were being built. ‘You’ve got to tell him that you don’t put sick people in the hospitals, you follow a “Zero Covid” policy… When someone tests positive, you take them from their home and you take them to an isolation centre and you leave them there… That’s the only way you can beat Covid.’

Ms Dorries said she responded:

The British public will not stand for mothers and fathers and families and children being removed from their family and their home and put in isolation.’ He said: ‘Who said they won’t?’ I said: ‘The behaviour and insights team who I’ve discussed this with. They won’t wear it.’” (My emphasis – video below)

This is very revealing. Anyone with an ounce of humanity would have rejected this outright, whether she thought the public would accept it or not.

Remember, also, that those officials in SAGE believed the British people wouldn’t accept being ‘locked down’ at all until Italy made it clear that they would.

Professor Neil Ferguson told The Times in December 2020:

[China] is a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could.

So has Ms. Dorries revealed that the only reason we weren’t pulled away from our families after seeing two red lines was because other Europeans weren’t first?

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