Costa Rica First Country To Close All Zoos & Letting It’s Animals Free

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica has announced that it will close its two government-run zoos.  This is part of a new environmental movement that questions humanity’s need to dominate all creatures.

From Daily Pakistan:

In 2013, Costa Rica announced that it would become the first country in the world to shut down its zoos and free all captive animals.

Home to 4% of all known species, the tropical nation is one of the most bio-diverse locations on Earth – a major reason why tourism is its #1 industry.

Unfortunately, the country is now contractually obligated to keep the doors of its two zoos open for another ten years, after a court ruling. Still, its intentions are inspiring enough to share, and activists are continuing to appeal in favor of the government’s desire to transform its zoos into cage-less bio parks.


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