Trump Unleashes Epic Battle Cry: Promises to Destroy Deep State and Take Down New World Order

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In a fiery speech delivered to a massive crowd in Iowa on Monday night, President Trump promised to "totally obliterate the deep state" and dubbed his bid for a second term as "the final battle."

In a fiery speech delivered to a massive crowd in Iowa on Monday night, President Trump promised to “totally obliterate the deep state” and dubbed his bid for a second term as “the final battle.”

“Make no mistake, our enemies are desperate to stop us, because they know we are the only ones who can stop them,” Trump told the cheering crowd.

“I will fire the unelected bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system,” the president continued. “I will direct the Justice Department to go after Marxist prosecutors’ offices to make them pay for their illegal race-based enforcement of the law. Many racists are there.”

“If you put me back in the White House, the reign of the corrupt Washington establishment will be over, I guarantee you,” Trump added.

The president also talked about breaking up the Department of Education, saying that it had become a “massive waste of taxpayer money” and was failing America’s children.

While some in attendance were enthusiastic about Trump’s strong words, others were more skeptical, noting that similar promises had been made before.

“Trump has talked a big game in the past, but it remains to be seen whether he can follow through on these promises,” said one attendee, who wished to remain anonymous.

Nevertheless, Trump’s message struck a chord with many in attendance, who believe that the president is the only one who can save America from the clutches of the deep state and its Marxist allies.


  1. where was that battle cry when you were on top of the world a few years ago? The damage that was done is going to be so much harder to repair, if it can be repaired.

  2. …TO DO:

    1. Drain the swamp…
    2. Killary in jail…
    3. MAGA…
    4. Destroy Deep State…
    5. Take down NWO…
    6. Stop funding Israel…
    7. more promises he can’t keep!

  3. Melamias Catholic Forget it He won’t succeed. He s not so smart or he’s not honest Maybe a bit of both Anyway he’s no threat to them and they know him and his wife.

  4. Look he lives in a reproduction French Palace, versailles style, of a Monarchist. He doesn’t live in a humble flat above his mum’s laundromat.
    If he were a Napoleon he would have known they were going to steal the election because he would have had spies He was clueless, so he’s stupid.
    He would ha e been prepared and had the military leaders on side, one way or another, and would ha e led the revolution onto Congress for truth and justice and the American way and seized the building, with his lawyers by his side to legalise it all and declared the election his victory, issued orders for imprisonment of Biden Pelosi et al and state leaders attorney Generals in a clean sweep.
    He blew it. He had that one chance to be a historic figure
    Now all he can do is huff and puff
    It’s that simple
    If he were a threat to them he would be dead and if you haveny understood that about them yet then your stupid too.

  5. It is how every con game is run.
    One variation: (they are all run the same way)
    The thugs go after the person.
    The person goes to someone he knows from the past who he has “confidence in “, who was a casual friend, and in the mob like the goons who come to shake you down.
    He takes care of the problem because he likes you, he is a good guy, and wants to be your friend and savior. (TRUMP/Musk take your pick).
    He becomes your best friend and confidant.
    Little do you know that the thugs/goons, were sent in to activate this friendship and gratitude with this confidence guy/set up man.
    But it is all a set up. You trust this guy, that is your worst mistake.
    In the end you lose everything.
    #1, Trump is one of them, just like Musk, DeSantis, Putin, in the same club.
    #2 They are being given a new false identity of being “good Guys against the elite/NWO.
    #3, if they don’t get your total trust as your “anointed savior”, they will find a new set up guy.
    These elite people are con artists.
    They are SADISTS of the worst possible kind: from HELL.
    No one who knows them intimately such as Trump, DeSantis, Musk, Putin, etc. Would ever cross them or oppose them for real. They know what would happen to them if they did ever go off script.
    Teddy Roosevelt did it. They threw acid in his face. They left him like that, until he died.
    That is how he really died, not what you heard, not what they told you.
    It is all about the “head/face” false identity=actor part to play, when you join the freemasons.
    You sign a contract. If you ever make a mistake, or wish to leave, your lose that false (public) persona they (who own the media and everything) gave you, then you lose your head.
    You lose everything you have that they gave to you. Wife, fake credentials, money any and all possessions you acquired while you were a freemason.
    Every freemason is an actor plying a role in a con.
    Trump is a 33 degree mason, no one becomes President unless they are a 33 degree mason.
    All heads of state almost world wide are illuminati=33 degree masons.

  6. Yep. He’s just demagoguing those who are fed up with his buddies on the other side. He is a lying POS just like the rest of them.

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