ISIS: Japan Hostage Killed, Government Say Execution ‘Unacceptable’

Fact checked

A video by ISIS has been released in which they claim to have killed one of the two Japanese hostages after the deadline for Japan to pay $200 million had passed on Friday

The video shows the killing of Haruna Yukawa, a private military contractor kidnapped in Syria last August.

The Japanese government have condemned the killing saying that the killing of Yukawa was “outrageous” and “unnacceptable”. reports:

The group has now demanded that one of its members is released from custody in Jordan as a swap for the release of Kenji Goto, a freelance Japanese journalist who was was abducted while reporting on Syria’s civil war last year.

ISIL has apparently dropped its previous demand for a $200m ransom.

The Japanese government is trying to verify the authenticity of the video. The government spokesman demanded that ISIL immediately release Goto, Reuters reported.

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