Data Will Eventually Show Israel Is Doing The Right Thing With 3rd Covid Jab Says Fauci

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Dr Fauci

Dr Fauci claims that Israel is providing good information on the covid-19 vaccinations and he is particularly interested in seeing the results of doses given to IDF troops.

During an interview with Israeli Army Radio on Wednesday, Fauci predicted that Israel’s trailblazing move to offer third vaccine doses to its population will ultimately prove justified and eventually be adopted by the United States.

In February Fauci was awared Israel’s $1 million Dan David Prize award for “courageously defending science in the face of uninformed opposition during the challenging COVID crisis.”

The Times Of Israel reports: Fauci said US officials are receiving information from Israel on the booster shot campaign, and there is particular interest in data on young people, especially those in the army.

Speaking to Army Radio, Fauci said that in his opinion, everyone inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine would ultimately require three doses. He also agreed that this would be the case for the US population even below age 65.

“I believe so,” he said, noting that he was speaking in his personal and professional opinion, and that the decision in the US to limit booster shots to those who were 65 and up or immunocompromised had been made by committees and advisory groups. “I think ultimately there will be enough data to show that Israel is doing the right thing.”

Fauci said that he takes “very seriously” the statistics coming out of Israel.

“So I am very favorably disposed to what the Israelis have done and we get a lot of good information from them,” he said.

Though Israel has been offering the third dose to all those over the age of 12 for months, the US Food and Drug Administration only last week approved the booster shot initially for people over 65, healthcare workers and those deemed to be at high risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19.

Authorization for giving the third vaccine shot to the rest of the American population, and in particular young people, will only come when officials have assessed its safety.

But Fauci said he believes there will soon be “good safety data” on younger people receiving the third dose.

“That is why I am looking very closely when Israel gets its safety data from young individuals,” he said, noting that in particular the US would be looking at information on vaccination in the Israel Defense Forces.

Fauci said the FDA did not reject the Israeli data indicating waning immunity against infection among all age groups around six months after vaccination, but wanted more information.

“I think they were waiting for more data from multiple cohorts, particularly in the arena of younger individuals,” he said.

“There is a great concern about the benefit-to-risk ratio of younger individuals in the context of myocarditis,” Fauci said referring to inflammation of the heart muscles that has been found in a small number of those who were vaccinated.

“We know it is a very rare event and we know that the Israelis are starting to gather a considerable amount of data that in fact will give us good insight into the risk, particularly in the vaccination of young people in your military,” he said to the Israeli broadcaster.


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