Donald Trump Sues Former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele Over His Infamous ‘Dirty Dossier’

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Donald Trump is suing the ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steels officer and the intelligence consultancy he founded, High Court records in England show

Trump is bringing a data protection claim against Orbis Business Intelligence and its founder Christopher Steele, who previously ran the Secret Intelligence Service’s Russia desk.

The Mail Online reports: According to a court order published on Thursday, a two-day hearing in Mr Trump’s legal action is set to start on October 16, which is thought to be the first hearing in the claim.

No other details of the case have been made available, but Mr Trump is not expected to attend.

Mr Steele was the author of the so-called Steele dossier, which included allegations that Mr Trump had been ‘compromised’ by the Russian security service, the FSB.

The dossier, leaked to BuzzFeed in 2017, also alleged that Mr Putin ‘supported and directed’ an operation to ‘cultivate’ Mr Trump as a presidential candidate for ‘at least five years’.

Mr Trump denied the claims.


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