NBC Claims Cancer Tumors Are ‘Caused by Racism’

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NBC claims cancer is caused by racism.

NBC has come under fire after airing a hospital drama series in which a patient was told his cancerous tumor was caused by racism.

In an episode of “New Amsterdam” that aired in 2020, a doctor discovers a 13-year-old’s tumor was caused by high cortisol levels, and suggests the stress hormone is linked to the patient being targeted with racism.

Infowars.com reports: One scene going viral on social media features the doctor telling the boy’s mom he believes the boy developed the tumor as a result of racism making him feel “threatened” and “disenfranchised.”

Elsewhere in the show, the doctor tells the patient he’s the victim of “microaggressions,” and says “racism is so deeply ingrained in our society that people myself included we often don’t realize that we’re perpetuating it,” regurgitating the left’s “racism everywhere” fantasies.

The show aired just months before the death of George Floyd, priming the pump for the Black Lives Matter movement’s “summer of love” that trashed US cities later that year.

Fortunately, the woke slop got canceled in 2022 due to declining viewership and poor ratings, once again proving the wisdom of the adage: “go woke, go broke.”

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