Ukraine Conscripting People With Down’s Syndrome For The Front Lines

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Ukraine is now conscripting people with Down’s Syndrome for the front lines as Zelensky runs out of able bodied recruits for the meat-grinding war with Russia.

A shocking new video reveals a mentally disabled man on the front lines of the Ukrainian war being mocked by other soldiers.

The clip, which was posted to X, shows the man sitting down in a trench holding what looks like a stick.

Another soldier filming him states, “Take a look at who they just sent us!” before laughing and addressing the mentally disabled man.

“Voha, what’s happening there boy?” asks the soldier.

“I’m on duty,” responds the mentally disabled man, before being asked, “Where’s your gun?”

“They still didn’t give me one!” he responds.

He is then asked if he is here to “kill Moscals,” to which he replies in the affirmative.

The soldier filming the video then pulls a cruel prank by pretending a mine is about to explode, forcing the mentally disabled man to scramble for cover.

The video ends with the other soldiers laughing at him.

Respondents reacted to the clip by pointing out that it represents further evidence Ukraine is running out of soldiers to feed into the meat grinder.

As previously highlighted, Sascha Lehnartz, chief correspondent of German newspaper Die Welt, said the Ukrainian “counteroffensive seems to have failed” and that there was a sense Kiev had “already lost” the war.

“The dispute between the president and the top military officer shows that the unified home front in Ukraine is crumbling,” wrote Lehnartz. “And every doubt expressed in Kiev about Ukraine’s prospects of success is being reinforced in the corridors of European and American government headquarters.”

Earlier this month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky begged western leaders to send all their money to Ukraine, asserting they should not “build roads” but fund weapons for Kiev instead.

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