Homophobic ISIS Say They Will Kill Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow

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ISIS say they plan to kill CNN journalists Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow

ISIS have announced their plans to assassinate CNN reporter Anderson Cooper and MSNBC reporter Rachel Maddow, due to the fact that they are both “openly homosexual”.

ISIS’ religious leader, Turki al-Bin’ali, issued a fatwa authorising the killing of both of the reporters due to both of them exhibiting  “amal qawm Lut” (behavior of the People of Lot).

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

The main “crimes/affronts” committed by Maddow and Cooper against the Prophet and Islam thus authorizing this death fatwa, this report says, has been their “unauthorized and unholy” defense of Islam (as such a practice is only allowed by the faithful)—which with them both being homosexuals is a “grave crime” against this faith and is classified as “warfare against Islam” as this religion not only abhors this “human deviancy”, but calls for the deaths of those who practice it.

GRU experts examining the merits of this Islamic State Caliphate death fatwa against these two American reporters, this report continues, confirmed that Rachal Maddow is, indeed, a homosexual lesbian having a longstanding relationship with another woman, and that Anderson Cooper is described as being “the most prominent openly gay journalist on American television.”

Equally to be confirmed, this report notes, are that both of them, too, have defended Islam on their widely viewed television programmes—that includes Rachal Maddow of slamming the State of Oklahoma for being opposed to Islamic Sharia law, and Anderson Cooper deriding an anti-Islamic protester.

As to why these homosexual American reporters would be defending Islam at all, this report wonders, is currently unknowable as this religion still openly beheads and crucifies these types of people—including in the Islamic State itself where it pushes these peoples off rooftops to their deaths.

And to exactly why the Islamic State Caliphate has issued this death fatwa, this report concludes, is due to their fear(s) that by allowing homosexuals to “speak for/defend” them, the deviancy of America might destroy the purity of their religion and could lead to the complete moral chaos currently engulfing the West infecting them too.


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