Noam Chomsky: Bombing ISIS Will Create More Paris Attacks

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Noam Chomsky

Renowned American scholar, professor Noam Chomsky, was asked a question at an event on how European politicians as well as the population should react to the Paris terrorist attacks of Friday November 13th.

The internationally renowned U.S. linguist, writer and analyst said that the recent decision by France to bomb the Islamic State is an indication that Western powers don’t want to eradicate the root causes of terrorism that led to the recent Paris attacks.

According to Chomsky, the root causes are: “The invasion of Iraq, the Wahabisation of Sunni Islam, the brutality of the Assad regime and so on.”

He added that the U.S and her allies are increasing the possibility of large-scale terrorist attacks by bombing the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

acTVism Munich YouTube video:

Telesurtv reports:

The scholar and political analyst accused the United States and its foreign policies of being responsible for the terrorist attacks in Paris that left 130 people dead and hundreds injured.

“ISIS have themselves said that if you bomb us, we will attack you, and this is probably the short term cause of the terrorists attacks carried out in Paris,” he said.

So far, he added, the U.S. and their allies have decided to increase bombing Islamic State group targets in Syria and Iraq, and this will no doubt push the extremists to carry out further terrorist attacks.

He said that, “If the West wants to reduce the possibility of further terrorist attacks, it needs to address the root causes of the terrorist attacks in Paris. These root causes are the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Wahhabization of Sunni Islam, which in turn resulted in the rise of global radical Islamism.”

Chomsky said the foreign policy of the United States and its Western allies are solely responsible for the coordinated “acts of terror” carried out in Paris.
“If you want to end it, the first question you ask is: why did it take place? What were the immediate causes and what were the deeper roots? And then you try to address those,” Chomsky told acTvism Munich in an interview.

Therefore, he added, before bombing the Islamic State group in the Middle East, the West needs to mull the motives of the attacks in Paris, or else, face the consequences which will likely be more terrorist attacks.

Chomsky also predicted that it would more than likely be impossible to defeat the Islamic State group by military force, and said that even if they did manage to destroy the extremist organization, a more terrible militant group would emerge, unless the root causes of the emergence of terrorist groups is properly addressed.

Noam Chomsky
A city street in Fallujah heavily damaged by the fighting.

Fallujah was the worst atrocity of the twenty first century.

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On the 17th of November, 2015, Prof. Noam Chomsky took part in an event titled “Germany’s role in the European Union and International Affairs: Post War History, Present and Possible futures” hosted by acTVism Munich. In the following video Prof. Noam Chomsky comments on the recent terror attacks in Paris committed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS/DAESH) . He is interviewed by acTVism Munich’s senior editor, Zain Raza.

acTVism reports:

Zain Raza:

Can you comment on the terrorist attack that occurred in Paris on November 13, a few days ago. And how should Europe – by that I mean the European population and as well as European politicians at this crucial moment – react?

Noam Chomsky:

It depends what they want to do. Do they want to encourage further terrorism, or do they want to end that kind of terrorism? That’s the choice. If you want to end it, the first question you ask is: why did it take place? What were the immediate causes and what were the deeper roots? And then you try to address those. So what were the immediate causes?

Well, we don’t know a lot. About the only information we have is the explanation given by ISIS. Not only for these acts but for the blowing up of the Russian airplane killing a couple of hundred people in the Sinai. They say, if you bomb us we’ll attack you. Well, that’s probably the reason. As far as we know that’s the short-term cause. The longer-term causes are the ones that we’ve been discussing. Where did all this come from? The invasion of Iraq, the Wahabisation of Sunni Islam, the brutality of the Assad regime and so on.

So if you want to reduce the possibility of further attacks, you address these causes.

If on the other hand, you want to increase the attacks, you do exactly what President Hollande is announcing right now. Let’s bomb them more. Let’s destroy ISIS by military force. Probably impossible. But if it did happen, it’s pretty likely that something worse would emerge from it. Because the roots are not addressed. And they are real.

Zain Raza:

Noam Chomsky, anarchist, political philosopher, linguist and political commentator: thank you so much for joining us.

Noam Chomsky:

Thank you.

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