NATO Is Incapable Of Beating Russia, Says US Media

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NATO incapable of beating Russia in a war says US analyst

An American journalist has claimed that Russia has a military advantage over NATO that would ensure it succeeded in the outbreak of war against NATO and any of its allies. 

Loren Thompson says NATO lacks the necessary preparations to meet high-tech military threats.

Fifteen years of fighting counter-insurgency warfare in Southwest Asia has left the Army well equipped to take down irregular forces such as ISIS [Daesh], but much less ready to fight an enemy armed with tanks, artillery and attack aircraft,” Thompson wrote for Forbes magazine. reports:

Moreover, Russia would gain huge geographical advantages in potential conflict, the analyst added.

Russia, he went on, has a historical tendency to conduct warfare on land rather than at sea. Additionally, taking into account the quantity of armed forces deployed in the west of the country, Russia can, in a very short-term, assemble the required numbers of servicemen, Thompson underscored.

The author of the article also believes that NATO’s air support may, in fact, appear ineffective, as Russia has obtained mighty anti-aircraft defense systems.

“For instance, most of Polish air space is potentially within range of Russian air defenses,” Thompson pointed out.

Thompson concluded by stating that the capabilities of Russian weaponry are gradually growing.

“As the Russian military has become increasingly professionalized, it has introduced an array of advanced conventional weapons while America and its allies have under-invested in new technology.”

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