Video: 3 Minute Animated Film Shows What Man Has Done To Nature

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In a fairly incredible video that is easy on the eyes but heavy on the heart – we are able to see what man has done to nature in the last 100 years.

The results are pretty scary.

In an article called “Look What We’ve Done: A Short Video Depicting Mans Relationship With Nature [1], Collective Evolution explains:

The video below was made by Steve Cutts. It’s an animated short film depicting how man is currently coexisting with nature.

Although it paints a dark picture, there is a lot of truth in it. Sometimes short animations like this can serve by really opening the eyes of the viewers. It can put them in the moment and encourage them to ask questions about what is really happening on our planet. It can assist in helping us (even if only for a few minutes) to forget about our own busy lives and to see the bigger picture and think about how we are operating as a collective species.

On the flip side, Earth is still a beautiful place with so many beautiful people who are doing good things for the planet. We are starting to take a look at our planet from an observer perspective, and we are starting to recognize that what we’ve created here so far isn’t sustainable for very long.

It is sad to see that not everybody on the planet has their basic needs met; poverty and sickness continue to run rampant, war is continually perpetuated. However, we must stay encouraged, because we have solutions to all of these problems, and thankfully we are starting to identify the true origins of our collective issues. Awareness is being cast on the potential solutions, whether it be alternative energy solutions, agricultural solutions, or even solutions to our pollution issues.

Although it is going to take hard work, we can create a planet where all living things can thrive and co-exist in peace. The nail in the coffin will be the collective shift in consciousness. When we change from within, we will be able to utilize these solutions, these technologies to change the world, but only when we individually change ourselves.

All is not lost 🙂 We are on the right path and we still have time to shift the planet in the right direction. So far, the past few years have been tremendous for me. Working directly in this movement I’ve seen so much change, and so many people waking up to aspects of reality that were once not talked about. I am very excited to see how this shift continues to accelerate in 2015, and am very encouraged by the amount of people who really want to change the world. Thanks for reading.




[1] Look What We’ve Done: A Short Video Depicting Mans Relationship With Nature

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