50″ “Raindrops” Fall After Military Jets Pass – Scientists Find Metal

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Rainfall is something we are all overly aware of – it’s not a hard concept to understand.  At it’s most basic, rain is water that falls from the sky.

We see it in films, media, detailed in books, and even sing and dance in it occasionally.

It’s part of our collective consciousness.  We need it like we need air.  No matter what you call it, what language you speak, what education you have had, or what your life has been – we all know what rain looks like, is, and at it’s most basic where it comes from.

Until each drop is over 50 INCHES LONG and appears after military jets fly over your head.

In an article titled “50″ Long ‘Solid Raindrops’ Fall From Sky After Military Planes Pass By [1], All News Pipeline explains:

This brand new video report from Infowars features Marie Snow and her friend Cori Gunnels, who captured and had scientifically analyzed the content from 50′ to 60′ long ‘solid raindrops’ that fell from the sky soon after three military aircraft flew by.

This mind-blowing interview with the women should end all talk of ‘conspiracy theory’ as they found out that various ‘metals’ were in these ‘raindrops’ and an ongoing cover-up of this episode that will convince anyone listening to these women that something evil and sinister is going on.

We are determined to end this sinister game that this rotten and evil government is playing with our health; please contact Congress here to let them know WE’RE WATCHING THEM and won’t let them continue to get away with their evil acts of treason upon Americans.


[1] 50″ Long ‘Solid Raindrops’ Fall From Sky After Military Planes Pass By

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