Rupert Murdoch Drills For Illegal Profits While Syria Bleeds

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Rupert Murdoch

The world’s most powerful media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch, is in the oil business nowadays.

Murdoch is the founder of News Corp and Fox news who inherited his ‘news’ empire from his father. He now part owns an oil company with Lord (Jacob) Rothschild that is about to start drilling in the Golan heights.

The Australian born American tycoon loves to promote war, chaos, fear, pleasure and nonsensical ‘talking points’ as news on his media outlets. His influence and power over politicians, and vice-versa, has always been legend.

Examiner reports: Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch owns oil company poised to drill in Syria

Over the years Fox News has become known for its unflinching support for any and all acts of western military aggression, no matter how deranged or strategically apocalyptic they’ve proven to be. For the most part, the push for war with Syria has fit this pattern more or less identically, with Fox News giving the same pundits the same time in the spotlight that they did for Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and the failed attempt to initiate war with Iran.

Rupert Murdoch’s usual “money over journalism” approach is particularly amplified in Syria, however with his stock ownership in Genie Energy, a subsidiary of Genie Israel HOldings, Ltd, an Israeli oil company which is currently violating international law by taking oil resources from Syrian land illegally occupied by the Israeli government. While this act alone is viewed as insidious by many, Murdoch’s collusion goes much deeper with his infamous news network broadcasting a nearly constant pro war message regarding Syria. The combination of profiting from war while simultaneously promoting it through media puts Murdoch in the select ranks of the world’s most infamous billionaires.

Attempts to gain public favor for a full scale Syrian war have been in full swing for several years now with many seemingly schizophrenic attempts. From 90’s B movie actress Alyssa Milano releasing a fake pro war porn video (Yes, apparently that’s a thing now) to Nobel Peace laureate Barack Obama calling for invasion to support “rebels” who turned out to be ISIS, the range of approaches western war interests are employing to promote their agenda is proving to be quite the spectacle.

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