Hunter Biden Claims Obsession With His Penis Is Due To ‘Body Dysmorphia’

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Hunter Biden

Apparently all those naked Hunter Biden selfies that have been floating around are due to “body dysmorphia”

The president’s son claims that an obsession with his junk is down to the mental health disorder according to notes found on his hard drive.

Part of the note, which was found in the hard drive of a laptop Biden left at a computer store in 2019, said: “I loved to be reassured that my 9-inch very big penis was actually big. It may sound funny to you but its [sic] body dysmorphia … I know my penis is almost twice the size of an average man’s penis”.

Is that whay he felt a frequent need to record and photograph himself naked? or is it just an attempt by Biden to distance himself from his sick behavior?

The New York Post reports: In addition to his web of shady overseas business dealings, one of the most recurring and consistent themes in the abandoned laptop are homemade pornography, selfies in varying states of undress, drug use, and images he took of his manhood in various states of arousal.

Just one day after writing the note, Hunter Biden posted a series of images of himself having sex with an unnamed woman.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a condition that causes the sufferer to obsess over perceived defects in their appearance, according to the Mayo Clinic.

“It sounds like it’s an overcompensation. In the past [Hunter] may have felt there was something lacking and it seems like he bases a lot of his internalized value with his penis,” Alyson Cohen, a New York City-based psychotherapist who has treated clients with the disorder told The Post.

The hard-drive note is mostly an extended denunciation of Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden, with whom Hunter began a tempestuous relationship after his brother’s death from brain cancer in 2015.


  1. His body is aged way beyond his years. I bet his internals look like those of a 90 year old.

    So …. when will Hunter start his own little brand of dementia ….. or has he already arrived?

  2. It’s called demonic possession, brought about by participation in the rituals that must be performed by all high level freemasons, like Hunter, his dad and Kamala, or they would not be allowed to have the power and wealth they have. It happens to everyone who participates in satanic rituals which include abortion, child or animal cruelty and anything, any act, of hate, murder or even lies, especially those done in wars, or the pretence of “medical or scientific research” where innocent life, more weak and helpless than one’s own is tortured or destroyed. It leads to devolution lower, into a demon yourself. Evolution higher requires that you care for and love all life more weak or helpless than your own. The Human race has has been devolving, since you began to kill and eat animals, and allow them to be tortured and call it medical experiments. In turn, the fallen angels, devolved and have given you science and technology that will soon turn you all into hominoids, former humans, robot slaves to the fallen angels, via their control over the entire world as the NWO great reset. What they call remedies for their fake plandemics, will be the injection of diseases, for which there will never be a cure and that will turn you all who survive it, into hominoids, or better named, demons. The devil is working hard to make you all devolve, since the beginning of this age. God has always created you to evolve higher, by design. The devil interfered with it a long time ago. Soon there will be no choice about it, when the great reset arrives. You will be forced to devolve under their rules as your new vicious, sadistic and horrible “creator Gods” on earth, who have ‘recreated you’, genetically.
    The way you treat animals will be mirrored in the way the Gods who lord over you treat you, only worse. You have prevented animals from evolving by what you do to them, now it is your turn to experience it yourselves, to see how “good and right” you seem to think it is. And yes they will eat your flesh and drink your blood, as satanists do, while the meal is still alive. You will be herded like cattle and marked and branded as cattle and caged and controlled, and die young and never be normal and natural as God created you to be in order to evolve higher. The minions of devil, have worked hard to make this happen and even have always referred to you as “cattle”. Knowing from the beginning, their one goal was to make you devolve, as they have already done before you. Not one demon is still in Hell, they are all here, possessing everything and everyone, that is used for evil. They are everywhere in great numbers where evil is done. In the slaughterhouses, medical research facilities, and wars, and everywhere, there is disparity in wealth between rich and poor, weaker and stronger. This is the age of darkness and demons, and it will soon come to an end. You have already all been marked, as either evolving higher, or lower.
    Remember when you are in Hell, that this is how you treated animals and that you brought it upon yourselves by doing so. The law of creation is the law of one: you get back what you give. Darkness or light, what you give to those much more weak and helpless than yourselves, is who you are. As you will all find out during the warning, coming very soon.

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