Drunken US Tourist Punched Giving Nazi Salute In Dresden

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Dresden in ruins after Allied bombings, February 1945

A drunken American tourist making the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler” has been punched by a passerby in Dresden, Germany.

The city was fire-bombed by the allies in WW2 to teach Germans a lesson for allowing Adolf Hitler to become Führer, 83 years ago last week.

Between 13th and 15th February 1945, 722 heavy bombers of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and 527 of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped more than 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the city, followed by more raids later, according to Wikipedia.

In the resulting firestorm hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Some German estimates put the figure between 350,000 to 500,000.

Many of the dead were liquefied and melted into the asphalt or were left in piles of ashes amid a city in ruin.

By comparison, the atom bomb in Nagasaki killed 40,000 on day one. The victorious allies claim that only between 25,000 to 35,000 people died in the bombing of Dresden. Their count is based on identified bodies.

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The incident comes just a week after two Chinese tourists were arrested for giving  “Heil Hitler” salutes in Berlin.

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RT.com reports:

The incident took place in the eastern German city of Dresden on Saturday morning, German media report, citing local police.

The 41-year-old American tourist, whose name was not disclosed, was punched by a passerby after displaying the Nazi salute multiple times near a café in downtown Dresden. The tourist, who sustained minor injuries, was apprehended by police, although the attacker fled the scene and remains at large.

The tourist was heavily intoxicated and had a blood alcohol level of 0.276 percent. He was placed under investigation for violating German laws against the display of Nazi symbols or slogans.

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The American also had insignia of “unconstitutional organizations, which includes Nazi symbols,” Deutsche Welle reported. The insignia in question prompted a separate police investigation.

The incident came just a week after two Chinese tourists landed in trouble, when they were caught taking photos in front of the iconic Reichstag in Berlin, while demonstrating the prohibited Nazi salute. The duo was arrested but was eventually released after paying a fine of about $1,000.

The tourists received a relatively light punishment, as displaying such gestures or brandishing certain Nazi memorabilia can result in a prison sentence of up to three years in Germany.

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