Newsom’s California: 11-Yr-Old Boy Kills Himself on Zoom Call During Lockdown Class

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11 year old boy in California kills himself during Zoom class

The COVID lockdowns in California are going so well that an 11 year old student ended up killing himself during an online classroom Zoom call.

According to reports, a sixth grade Zoom class turned tragic this week after an 11-year-old boy shot himself during the online call.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office started fielding calls around 11am Wednesday that there had been a shooting in Woodbridge, and when deputies got to the scene, they found a child with a head injury.

Deputies confirm that the boy, IDed by the Sacramento Bee as Woodbridge Elementary School student Adan Llanos, had been participating in an online class with his camera and mic turned off when he suddenly turned the gun on himself.

His sister, who’d been in a Zoom class elsewhere in the home, found her brother and immediately sought help from a teacher and neighbor.

The question is – would this have happened if the child had been physically in school? It seems unlikely.

“The sister come here, banging on the door,” the neighbor tells KCRA, adding that Adan was “one the nicest little boys you’ll ever want to know.” Adan was rushed to a nearby hospital, the sheriff’s office says in a Facebook post, but an update notes the boy succumbed to his injuries. “Our thoughts are with the family and all those affected by this tragic event,” the post says. The Lodi Unified School District says it’s offering bereavement support services and counseling for any students or staff who need it, and local mental health experts advise parents to be on the lookout for signs of mental health struggles their children may be having. “Sometimes we go through things that are temporary emotional experiences, and with the support of family and other trained people we can get through those things,” the district’s special education director tells CBS. reports: Many within the public schooling system have, over the years, decried Home-Schooling as abusive behavior, socially stunting children subjected it.

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