Churches in UK Begin Replacing Jesus & Nativity With “Queer” Characters

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UK churches begin replacing Jesus with queer characters

Churches in England are erasing references to the nativity and Jesus, replacing them with “queer” characters instead.

All Saints with Holy Trinity Church in Loughborough held a Mayor’s Community Carol Service on Monday. reports: In a Twitter post, trainee priest Rachael Brind-Surch lauded how the church had changed the lyrics to the classic carol “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” sung by attendees at the event.

Flipping love my church,” remarked Brind-Surch.

The new lyrics included the following two verses;

“God rest you also, women, who by men have been erased, Through history ignored and scorned, defiled and displaced; Remember that your stories too, are held within God’s grace.”

“God rest you, queer and questioning, your anxious hearts be still, Believe that you are deeply known and part of God’s good will For all to live as one in peace; the global dream fulfilled.”

The verses replaced the actual lyrics of the carol, which talk about the nativity and how Christ came to “save us all from Satan’s power.”

Apparently, Satan’s power is being exercised over this very church.

“When they say we aren’t ordaining political activists,” commented Sam Margrave, a member of the General Synod of the Church of England. “Show them this… Absolutely disgusted an act of worship to our Lord & Saviour is being used to push political ideology contrary to @churchofengland teaching.”

“Very important for the new religion to try to wear the skin of the old. Having ripped out the Gospel, naturally,” remarked another respondent.

Brind-Surch, whose Twitter profile includes her pronouns and LGBT flags, responded to the backlash by claiming the lyrics were appropriate because representatives of refugee charities were in attendance.

“My faith informs my politics and I will never be sad or mad or apologies for attending a church which challenges me to think about them more and the policies being legislated for in our name,” she added.

The church is part of the ‘Inclusive Church Movement’, which pushes regime narratives and progressive stances which are about as far removed as Christian teachings you can get.

Back in July, the Church of England refused to define what a woman was, saying they had no definition of it on their books, despite still ostensibly opposing same sex marriage.


  1. This is why we are in The End Times!
    Why this horrible, evil planet will be destroyed next year!
    Humans chose Satan and his Children
    over God and Jesus & signed their own Death Warrant!

  2. Every church I’ve looked into has always been not what it seems At least. Usually the exact opposite of everything they pretend.

  3. The death of Jesus is the most sacred holiday. This so called “Christmas” holiday we grew up celebrating has reveal itself as a unholy celebration. I can’t bring myself to celebrate this holiday the way they are showing us how to celebrate it.
    Jesus was born in the fall of the year, not the winter solstice.
    buying gifts for people and putting the charge on a credit card is really not what God wants you to do.
    This holiday, encourages people to dawn a self righteous coat for a couple of weeks, then go back to their regular ways.
    When the holy spirit enters you, you just can’t unsee the hypocracy and the sadness being conducted.
    Celebrate Jesus every day of the year. Give useful gifts and services anytime the opportunity presents itself.
    This holiday does offer a great opportunity for family to get together, always a good thing, but the stupid gift thing is troublesome.

    • September 29, from what i’ve read. December 25 would be conception day.

      When we look at the scriptural example, it is uncommon for God’s people to celebrate birthdays. The pagans celebrated these. Perhaps God is trying to keep His people focused on that which matters – the cumulative work of one’s life? The very beginning has little significance in one’s life-work.

      • There is also evidence to suggest that September 11, 3 B.C. was His actual birth day (9-11!), and December 25, 2 B.C. was when the Magi discovered Him. There is not room enough to go into the details supporting this here. But it’s also only a possibility and not set in stone.
        See the video The Star of Bethlehem, by Frederick A. Larson. The DVD is at Amazon and other sellers.

  4. Vicar of Dibley stuff indeed. Merry meant drunk in Victorian England. The Cratchet family drank gin at Christmas dinner. Bob was hungover and late for work the next day because he had “made rather merry “. The famous carol is about wishing a bunch of drunk’s peaceful repose.

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