WikiLeaks: CIA Planned To Hack Cars For Clandestine Assassinations

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Wikileaks reveals that the CIA planned to hack cars in order to perform clandestine assassinations

The CIA desperately tried to figure out how to hack cars in order to carry out clandestine assassinations, according to documents released by WikiLeaks.

The Central Intelligence Agency were actively working on hacking motor vehicle systems, in order to target potential victims.

The documents are part of a “Vault 7” leak involving thousands of files leaked from the CIA’s center for cyber operations.

The allegations of car hacking originate from a set of October 2014 meeting notes from the CIA’s “Embedded Development Branch,” which WikiLeaks claims is a section of the agency tasked with infecting smart devices with malware in order to transform them into covert microphones.

Under a section labeled “Potential Mission Areas for EDB,” the document describes “vehicle systems” as a possible target.

WikiLeaks claims that these notes show a willingness by the spy agency to engage in“nearly undetectable assassinations.” reports:

These documents detail CIA cyber operations, which include hacking a television so that it pretends to be off while recording targets.

The documents have not been confirmed as authentic by the CIA.

One document detailing notes of an October 2014 meeting of the “embedded development branch” says a potential target is “vehicle systems.”

WikiLeaks wrote in a press release, “the purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

Wired has previously reported on how hackers were able to take control of a car’s controls and disable the brakes.

The CIA has not confirmed nor denied the validity of the documents released by WikiLeaks.

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