FBI Insider: Wiretapping Was Attempt To Stop Trump Exposing DC Pedo Ring

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FBI insider claims that Obama wiretapping scandal was an attempt to stop Trump from arrested DC pedo ring culprits

An FBI insider claims that attempts to wiretap Donald Trump were made by the Deep State in order to prevent him from exposing a Washington DC pedophile ring.

According to the whistleblower, the UK and Israel helped the Obama administration plot against Donald Trump due to the threat he posed against the globalist elite.

The FBI insider blew the whistle during an exclusive interview with Victurus Libertas:

Q. Thank you for talking with us. What do you think of Trump’s allegations against Obama?

A. In the words of the Carpenters, “ it’s only just begun”

Q. So was Trump wiretapped as our DHS insider and Robert Steele suggest

A. Yes.

Q. Why?A. Wrong question

Q. Ok, by whom?

A. Trump tower was bugged by more than just our IC.

Q. WHAT????? Could you elaborate?

A. Brits, Israeli’s. In the fullness of time, much will be revealed

Q. Why the Brits?

A. The same reason as the Israeli’s. Trump is a threat to the Deep State. The Deep State is a threat to Trump. Globalists are the population’s beekeepers. They harness the energy, they harness the honey. Controlled oppression.

Q. So why do you and other insiders leak to us and others?

A. Because once in a while, a bat needs to be taken to the bee hive.

Q. So you want the bees swarming?

A. In a manner of speaking. We leak, so that the people may have a just outrage and demand a just result. The People outnumber the Government 300 to 1. It’s a numbers game. We expected high-level arrests to happen weeks ago but discovered the beekeepers had interfered at the highest levels. There is an internal war within our Government, as many know. The Shadow State is like a vampire facing dawn. They do not go easily into sunlit areas.

Q. So why did the Israeli’s bug Trump

A. The same reason they keep close tabs on Jared Kushner, who I fully expect will be let go by Trump soon. There is too much liability with Kushner. Kushner has pressure from the Israeli lobby and Trump knows he is a delivery boy for AIPAC. The Israeli’s bugged Trump because they were concerned about Bannon, America First, the possibility that with a Trump win, they would see their foreign aid cut, which by the way, is going to happen.

Q. What do you think of David Seaman? Is he a Mossad asset?

A. Never heard of him.

Q. How will this all play out?

A. We are entering a time of political purge – the likes of which has not been seen for decades, if not centuries. Trump has the evidence he needs to launch an investigation into a myriad of DC collusions. He must concentrate on the communications between Lynch, Bill Clinton, Obama, and Brennan. He needs to get serious with the pedophilia investigation because he can bring down his enemies in one fell swoop. McCain, Graham, Obama, Bill Clinton, and so on… His greatest tools include the Wiener file titled “Life Insurance“. (Names, dates, photo’s, videos) and the Epstein videos captured by NSA when they were being delivered to Israeli intel, Wiener, and Epstein. But, his greatest tool is the collective rage of the People. Trump must prosecute #PedoGate. The relationship between Schumer and Wiener must be explored. It may lead to some stunning climaxes if you can excuse the pun.

Q. This is huge!

A. As I said before, there is enough underbelly rot to collapse not only our Government but collapse the Likud party in Israel and expose a huge political pedophile ring that exists in the US, UK, Asia, etc. All inter-connected. And that’s not even venturing into the extortion aspect.

Q. Will it get bloody?

A. Let’s just say its flag weather.

Q. Any advice for Trump?

A. He who hesitates is lost…


  1. It has been alleged that at least a 1/3 of congress is involved in Pedogate, and the rest are involved in other corruptions. The swamp really is a cesspool. If this elite Deep State would destroy the WTC and Pentagon, Trump is not safe in the WH.

  2. Yes Trump was getting too close to these PHEDOPHILES like the Clintons, an Pedesta. Thew have SCREWED with the wrong man. He is PISSED, and will uncover these PERVERTS for all America to see. They are in BOTH parties. Semper Fi

  3. Yeah? I don’t know, but it’s appearing to me that Trump is a high degree freemason and he’s just another puppet on a string. It’s clear if you look at many still photos of him showing his hand gestures, also the hand gestures he used many times while speaking during his campaign.

    Something does not seem right in all of this. I invite you do to your own research and look up videos on that well known video channel and look up Trump + freemasons. Knowledge is power and it will set you free….

    He clearly makes the 666 hand gesture, which looks like the innocent thumb touching the forefinger which we usually use for the A-ok gesture, he does this thousands of times during his campaign trail. And there are many pictures of him sitting down making the famous two handed illuminati/freemason triangle.

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