Washington School District Won’t Allow Students To Opt Out Of ‘Pride’ Lessons

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A school district in Washington state has told students that they have to participate in LGBTQ+ ‘Pride’ lessons and activities because opting out is not an option.

According to Rebel News the Olympia school district (OSD) issued a statement emphasising that it “has no opt out process for Pride-related lessons as they are aligned with the standards that are required to be taught within our schools.”

The statement added: “OSD is committed to gender-inclusive schools, and we will follow the guidance of our governing agency, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)”.

InfoWars reports: Earlier this month the district made a Pride Month Proclamation, stating that it would be carrying out LGBTQ+ themed lessons with ‘Pride’ songs and books as part of a “journey toward Gender-Inclusive Schools.” 

The proclamation states “The month of June is an opportunity to celebrate the narratives, identities, and contributions of those within the LGBTQIA+ community,” adding “We recognize the struggle for equal rights continues today and are committed to expanded partnerships, policy reviews and updates, and opportunities to exercise learning courage that further our journey toward Gender-Inclusive Schools.”

Students who choose not to participate will be marked as having an unexcused absence, according to parents who have enquired.

The district Superintendent Patrick Murphy has previously claimed that removing any students from such lessons, which have involved discussions on puberty blockers, preferred pronouns, and transgenderism, would be “offensive”.

Murphy stated that “Acknowledging and celebrating the variety of backgrounds and families of our students and staff aligns with state and federal directives to ensure that we have gender inclusive schools and to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment.” 

The Superintendent further asserted that “to ask staff to excuse students when those types of activities would occur, it’s not only disruptive to the learning environment and an undue burden, I would say, on staff… Much more importantly, it’s offensive and demeaning to the very students and staff who are protected.”
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