Did 16th Century Nostradamus Text Predict Rise Of ISIS?

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Did Nostradamus predict the rise of ISIS in the 16th century?

French prophet Nostradamus may have predicted the rise of ISIS, as researchers claim his reference to a “third and final” anti-Christ coming to power before a 27-year WWIII – refers to terror group ISIS.

Website Nostradamus2242.com claims that the Third World War will begin this year as a result of the West’s struggle with ISIS, and that the world will end in 2242.

The four-verse quatrain listed on the website is the “proof” of the unfolding events in Iraq and Syria.

(Original verse)
Il entrera vilain, meschant, infame,
Tyrannisant la Mesopotamie:
Tous amys faits d’adulterine d’ame,
Tertre horrible noir de phisonomie.

(English translation)
He will enter wicked, unpleasant, infamous,
Tyrannizing over Mesopotamia:
All friends made by the adulterous lady,
Land dreadful and black of aspect.

The website says of the quatrain: “An amazing quatrain about Iraq’s ordeal and tyranny in the ongoing sectarian violence, particularly on the aftermath of the 2003 US invasion, the surging of Al-qaeda leading to the organisation of ISIS.

ISIS’ target is Mesopotamia, present day Iraq. ISIS is also the most wealthy terrorist organization in the world, thanks to its numerous contributors.”

ISIS flag and uniform, black! their combat method infamous and Islamic Sharia law – tyrannical.

Nostradamus2242.com reports:

The first sentence of the quatrain clearly states that He or It will enter Mesopotamia (in second sentence), present day Iraq. That He will be villain, mean and infamous, and will tyrannize Iraq.

The third sentence tells that they are all made friends as a result of the adulterous lady, the symbol of the consumer society, the rule of money with all of its evil. Nostradamus spelled the last word of the sentence with a double meaning; “d’ame”  which mean “from soul”, but phonetically also “dame” which mean “lady” and in turn could be interpreted as the adulterous lady from the book of Revelation in the Bible. Intentionally done by Nostradamus as the current situations taking place in Iraq are leaded by an ultra fundamentalist interpretation of the Islamic Koran rejecting our modern society of debauchery and tolerance.

Following the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, the Sunnis then in control under Saddam, were forced to relinquish all in favor of the Shiite supported by the US and ultimately Iran, the arch enemy of the US. What an irony. In other hands, the Sunnis and ISIS have been supported financially by Saudi Arabia, our best ally in the Middle East. Now, if that is not adultery then we need to invent another word for it.

The cause: In 2003, a month or so after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by the US coalition, the US appointed Paul Bremer as the governor of Iraq and immediately terminated the employment of well over a million Iraqis in charge of the military, police and administration; mostly Sunnis, thus creating a huge vacuum, a total chaos and an instant call for resistance and rebellion. What followed was the disaster we know, resulting over the last 10 years in the lost of hundreds of thousand Iraqi lives including thousands of soldiers from the coalition forces, the situation was eventually quelled down by a massive pour of cash $to the Sunnis tribes and other forms of corruption in order not to support the insurgency.

The US administration proceeded to favor a Shiite leaded Iraqi government which in turn cut the funding to the Sunnis and did not allowed them to take a significant part in the new government. Now since the withdraw of US forces on the ground, the insurgents are taking the opportunity. One could say that Saddam’s regime, if bad, was definitely better for the security and peace of the Iraqis. This is a sad conclusion of events, well anticipated by most World leaders in 2003 and the fundamental cause of the current situation in Iraq.

The last sentence conclude; the land dreadful, terrified, fill with horror and black in physiognomy, face or aspect. this depict quite well the black ISIS flag and dressing together with their dark reign of terror. The first word of this sentence “Tertre”, if referring to land, also means a butte or even a burial site made out of stones, well depicting the scenery.

Conclusion: The US has not much of a control in resolving the situation and any intervention may only prolong the ordeal and further antagonize the Iraqis and the Muslim World against the US. It is strictly up to the Iraqis themselves, however the Iranian and Saudi interference will not allow it to be resolved any time soon and, when fundamentalist Muslims reach power, beware of the extreme danger that the West will face as the Iraqi humiliation will be likely avenged as announced in other Nostradamus quatrains.


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