Gowdy: “If I Were Trump, I’d Think the FBI Was out to Get Me Too”

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Trey Gowdy says if he were Trump, he would think the FBI is out to get him too

Rep. Trey Gowdy had declared that President Trump is entirely justified in his anger toward the way the FBI mistreated him.

During an interview Thursday with Martha MacCallum, Gowdy confirmed that high ranking Deep State officials were “out to get” him.

President Trump blasted former FBI Director James Comey during his post-acquittal speech, saying, “Had I not fired James Comey, who was a disaster, by the way, it’s possible I wouldn’t even be standing here right now.”

“If I didn’t fire James Comey, we would have never found this stuff,” Trump continued.

“When I fired that sleazebag, all Hell broke out.”

MacCallum noted the president had “very strong words. But when you look at the Mueller report and the FISA process, you can understand where it’s coming from.”

“Yeah, Peter Strzok, the lead case agent on this Russia probe, was talking about impeaching Donald Trump before Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler were,” Gowdy agreed.

“Let that sink in. The lead agent for the FBI mentioned impeaching Trump before Schiff and Nadler did.”

Gowdy then highlighted the disgraceful behavior of the FBI, arguing that the “defensive briefing” was really just an interview because they already concluded Trump was guilty of some impropriety.

“You have James Comey, who thinks impeachment is too good for him. You have John Brennan that thinks he should be in the dustpan of history,” Gowdy said.

“You have Andy McCabe, who after Comey was fired, launched another investigation into Trump,” Gowdy said as he laid out all the characters.

“Martha, if I were Donald Trump, I would think the FBI was out to get me, too.”

Dailycaller.com reports: MacCallum concluded by saying that the president appeared to believe that firing Comey was actually what saved him, because it removed the person at the top who had allowed such a culture to develop.

“Yeah, I would correct the president’s narrative only to this extent,” Gowdy replied. “He replaced Comey with Mccabe. That is hardly moving up the draft board. It was only when Chris Wray came in that I think you had a dispassionate, objective, law enforcement centered person. McCabe was no better than Comey.”


  1. And how many of these fired MOLES from the FBI and CIA are still running around with their SECURITY CLEARANCES!!?

    Take away the clearances NOW!!

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