Jim Carrey Deletes His Twitter Days After Vowing to Sue Anyone Who Links Him To Epstein

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Apple’s iPhone Face ID tech will be used by the elite to "enslave humanity" and usher in a New World Order, according to Jim Carrey.

Days after threatening to sue anyone on the internet who publishes information proving he visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island, Jim Carrey has deleted his Twitter account and gone dark.

Nothing to see here, folks. Completely normal behavior.

Carrey claims he can prove he never went to Epstein’s island because fact-checkers are on his side and back his account.

Now the Hollywood A-lister is threatening to sue anybody and everybody who re-posts a purported Jeffrey Epstein flight log on social media unless his name is redacted or removed from the document.

YouTuber Vincent Briatore has published an example of a cease and desist letter sent by Carrey’s legal team, denying the Truman Show actor has ever been anywhere near Epstein’s Little St. James Island or traveled in Epstein’s notorious “Lolita Express” private jet.

Briatore uploaded a video on January 16 where he claims that the list of high-profile celebrities and politicians that were well acquainted with Epstein and according to Briatore, Carrey was one of them.

The YouTuber spoke to Radar Online and said “So I made a video featuring the list, his name was in it, and I also made comments about the list,” he told RadarOnline.com.

He was asked if he had done any research about the veracity of the information and he answered that he had not, while also stating “This may be an effort to scrub the presence of this video from anywhere on the internet,” he elaborated. “It was surprising also that out of all the people named on that list – there was about 25 of them – Jim Carrey, of all people, is the one to really get upset and follow through with it, you know, it’s strange to me.”

“I haven’t really consulted attorneys yet, but I don’t really think I should take it down – I’m going to hang in there for as long as I can,” he continued. “I have absolutely no intention of being bullied.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. He’s making a lst, he’s checking it twice. Santa claws is cuming to town
    Pity that irresponsible person didn’t bother to check the veracity of his list before pushing But then he’s probably one if Eosteins pecophiles worki g hard to discredit the lists by deliberately pushing names that he knows CAN PROVE they weren’t there at all.
    More theatre of operations where they guilty are innocent and the innocent guilty.

  2. HOW about a link to MURDER of richard harrold and stealing muti-billion dollar concepts and 1st treatments for his HIGH times before the fall without any left to steal from after the fact

  3. MR FUNNY!!!MONEY even stole his act from micheal richards the 1st rubber faced washout tURNed star about nothin from the GHOST writers once again

  4. I did not shoot Abraham Lincoln, and anyone who says I did, I will sue. Ah, ok….Yes, of course we are now suspicious. Raised the red flag all on his own.

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