Video: Jon Stewart Tells Fox News: ‘F*ck You And All Your False Patriotism’

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From The Huffington Post (source link):  Jon Stewart has a message for Fox News on #LatteSalute: “SHUT UP.”

The network’s talking heads have been attacking President Barack Obama for saluting two U.S Marines with a coffee cup in his hand. But on “The Daily Show” on Thursday night, Stewart wasted no time pointing out the hypocrisy.

“You don’t really care about this,” he said. “You have no principle about this. You’re just trying to score points in a game no one else is playing — and here’s how we know.”

And with that, he played a series of clips showing commentators on the one hand demanding respect for those in uniform putting their lives on the line while on the other hand insulting a female fighter pilot leading the attack on ISIS militants.

“Fuck you, and all your false patriotism,” Stewart said.

Believe it or not, he was just getting warmed up. See the clip below for his full takedown of Fox News on #LatteSalute.

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