Democrats Furious As One Third Of US States Challenge Biden Election Win At Supreme Court

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Biden Democrats

Democrats are outraged at a Texas-led motion to the US Supreme Court challenging the elections in four states that declared Joe Biden the winner.

The Democrats’ fury along with a rant by CNN’s Chris Cuomo has got #CivilWar trending on Twitter.

RT reports: While some of the 40,000-plus references were to the original 1861-65 conflict over the future of the US, or wars in other places, a great many tweets expressed the frustration of Democrats and their media allies over the Texas lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – where Biden was declared the winner based on mass mail-in ballots – which was backed by 18 other states and President Donald Trump himself.

“Seventeen states demanding that the Supreme Court disenfranchise voters in other states seems like a great way to get to a second civil war,” tweeted Pod Save America co-host Tommy Vietor, a former spokesman in the Obama administration.

He was referring to the amicus brief by 17 states filed on Wednesday, in support of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s complaint to the US Supreme Court. There are actually 18 states that backed Texas, with Arizona joining the brief later in the day. 

“Step 1 in the next civil war,”tweeted Obamacare architect Andy Slavitt, commenting on the same news. “All signed by people who claim to stand for law and order.”

Writer Jeff Sharlet also claimed the suit is seeking to “overthrow a national election by throwing out the votes of four other states in order to disenfranchise 25 states + popular vote.”

In civil war terms, that’s called a ‘prelude’,” Sharlet tweeted.

There was even an obligatory racism angle, as comedian John Hartzell said a “bunch of gun-toting Confederate wannabes are threatening to start a second Civil War to keep a draft-dodging Yankee in power because that’s how racism works.”

Another reason for the trend may have been a rant by CNN opinion anchor Chris Cuomo – taken out of context – from his show on Tuesday, which somehow became a story covered by mainstream media outlets on Wednesday evening.

Cuomo was denouncing Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) over something he told Sean Hannity of Fox News, about the divisions between Republicans ahead of the January 5 run-off Senate elections. 

Graham had complained about a “civil war brewing” among the GOP in Georgia and called for the state legislature to “order an audit of the signatures in the presidential race to see if the system worked.”

Cuomo argued the vote in Georgia had been certified “three times over” and that Graham wasn’t looking to “save the country” but his own posterior.

“Civil war? Seriously, Senator? Do your words still come from your brain or just some reservoir of bile?” Cuomo said.

The irony of those words was lost on Cuomo and the Democrats – who spent the past four years accusing Trump of being Hitler and claiming Russia had somehow stolen the 2016 election, and were now fulminating against a case that the Supreme Court yet to agree to hear. 


  1. Democrat jackazz sez – “Seventeen states demanding that the Supreme Court disenfranchise voters in other states seems like a great way to get to a second civil war.”

    It’s impossible to disenfranchise a vote that is a fraud, moron.

    When civil war comes, a war Democrat-Neocons caused again, this fact will be beaten into your pinhead.

  2. Everyone knows those 4 swing states are totally corrupt. Crooked as .The bureaucrats are all drug peddlers and money launderers and most likely pedophiles as well That’s how the drug reader guarantees its ” security ” from loose lips They’re all subject to blackmail and friendly coercive persuasions usually called extortion

  3. Those on the Left/Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, the “Fake News” mediums, etc. knowingly/purposely lie, lob false allegations, offer up farfetched/contrived “speculation”, misdirect, & utilize the “fake news” to spread rumors for the express purpose of “gaslighting”, causing chaos, ginning up fear/anger, fanning the flames of dissent, & inciting violence. “Fake News” mediums like CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, BuzzFeed, National Review, The Washington Post, social media platforms like Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc., late night hosts like Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, & the liberal left in Hollywood then purposely, exponentially increase/amplify & telegraph the anger, hatred, & violence of the Left, Progressives, Democrats, & their base against others across the nation/world by to divide, destabilize, & damage the nation, the President, & our citizens. This explains why they are viewed as the Enemies of the American People.

    SHOCKED by the blow-back, they proclaim their innocence while we all know that they are nothing but instigators with their incendiary/despicable reporting. They, like we, all learned in grade school that those who report the news must stick to the facts, “who, what, why, where & when”. Instead, they speculate, manipulate, contrive, edit audio/video, omit, & when all else fails, they fall back on their so called “anonymous sources”.

    Lacking even the slightest modicum of ethics, honor, & integrity, they are best described as intellectual contortionists, they bend/twist reality to fit a narrative of their own creation based on their own personal biases or that of their Elite masters, the Marxist Progressives and Demogogue Democrats ……

    I condemn the Democrat Bolshevik’s party’s culture of hatred, crime (including those against the unborn!), corruption, lawlessness and Anti-Americanism. They are low life dooshbags who spit on everything that is great and wonderful about our country. They continually desecrate the freedom paid for with the blood of heroes. They are the enemy within intent on tearing us apart. .

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