Judge Napolitano: Obama Wiretapped Trump Without A Warrant

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“The Deep State has a very wise and shrewd adversary - the man in the Oval Office. The first time in the modern era the man in the Oval Office has been an adversary of the Deep State rather than a tool of it.”

Judge Napolitano stated that President Obama was definitely surveilling Donald Trump during the election, and also revealed that Obama ordered wiretaps by himself without a warrant.

Judge Andrew Napolitano claims that Barack Obama was definitely surveilling Donald Trump during the election, and also revealed that Obama ordered wiretaps by himself without going through an intelligence agency or court to get a warrant. 

Former President Obama had the power to order the NSA to wiretap anyone at any time, Judge Napolitano said on Lou Dobbs Tonight, taking it upon himself to clear up the misinformation being spread by mainstream media on the issue of Obama’s involvement in the “Worse than Watergate” surveillance of Trump during the election.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding that there is around this story, but the statute is very clear. This is the statute that creates the FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court, and that statute says, “notwithstanding anything in this statute, the President of the United States may order the surveillance of anybody on the United States of America, upon the filing of a certification by the Attorney General that it relates to national security, a filing that no one can read, not even the judges with whom it is filed.

Judge Napolitano was just getting warmed up, and he continued educating the mainstream media about the law – and what Obama was really up to during his time in the Oval Office.

The notion that Obama would have to ask the FBI to get a search warrant? Out of the question.

The FBI has nothing to do with this, they are interested in law enforcement.

The idea that he would have to go to a FISA court to do this – out of the question.

Why would he go to the FISA to do something that he himself has the right to do.”

The idea that they actually had to tap Trump? Out of the question.

Because every phone call on every mobile device and landline, every keypad touch of every mobile device and desktop, every piece of digital information that flows into and out of the US on fibre optics, is captured in real time digitally by the NSA.

The NSA is in the Pentagon, it works for the President.

According to Napolitano, when Obama asked the NSA for the transcript of any phone conversation between any two citizens of the United States, the NSA would have it on his desk in no time at all.


Did Obama spy on Trump? 

There is no question Obama wiretapped Trump, according to Napolitano, considering Obama is on record having gone beyond the pale in surveilling American citizens. He surveilled journalists, senators, generals in the Pentagon and justices in the Supreme Court, so why wouldn’t he spy on a presidential candidate?

One of the FISA court warrants that I saw was, quote, ‘for every customer of Verizon in the United States.’ That’s 113 million people, including most of the federal government.

“Tricky Barry”

Napolitano also reacted scathingly to Obama’s carefully worded, lawyerly denial of wiretapping Trump during the election campaign, accusing the former president of intentionally misleading the American people with a convoluted response.

The statement that you just read from his spokesman Kevin Lewis says that the President didn’t interfere in any Justice Department investigation. This wouldn’t have been a Justice Department investigation! This would have been the President’s politically motivated curiosity as to what Donald Trump was saying to Steve Bannon back in October.

What is the Deep State?

Trump is at war with the Deep State, according to Napolitano. And the Deep State, including the CIA, are facing up to their most formidable opponent since JFK.

You used a phrase in your introduction that has entered our parlance in the past month or so but really it has been around for many years, since 1947, the Deep State. The part of the government that never changes, no matter which party controls Congress, and which party is in the White House.”

There are many aspects of the Deep State. We are talking about the intelligence community of the Deep State. People in the intelligence community that have access to so much information about everyone, they can manipulate the president of the United States, and if they don’t like what he says, they can embarrass him, and if they want to control his thought patterns and decision making, they will keep information away from him.”

Donald Trump has fallen victim to that and he knows he has to stop it.”


The Deep State has a very wise and shrewd adversary – the man in the Oval Office. The first time in the modern era the man in the Oval Office has been an adversary of the Deep State rather than a tool of it.

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Trump’s suggestion for a Congressional investigation of the intelligence community is the last thing his enemies in the Deep State want. Because if the American pubic learns that they have access to everything we type and everything we say, they will be repulsed by the power that this Deep State group has, that Congress gave them. They [Congress] created this on their own. Congress enacted three pieces of legislation, [and] perverse interpretation of this legislation before a secret court lets them gather everything we say in real time.

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