Republican Lawmakers Vow To Oust Dr. Fauci As Public Demand His Arrest

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Republican lawmakers vow to oust Dr. Fauci

Republican lawmakers are preparing to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci as public pressure mounts to investigate the NIH director for ‘crimes against humanity.’

Rep. Matt Gaetz told Newsmax that “Fauci has blood on his hands and now the entire country knows it. We know that the very type of research that erupted this virus onto the world was research that the US taxpayer was funding in part and that Dr. Fauci, and his friends were directly involved in.” reports: Senator Roger Marshall denounced a letter from scientists that tried to dispel the Wuhan lab leak theory. Marshall stated, “Then come to find out most of those scientists, if not all of them, were receiving some type of funding then and in the future from the National Institutes of Health. Our CDC sat their nodding their heads in agreement…And now we see in Dr. Fauci his emails that he appears to be in collusion with these Big Tech companies.”

‘Dr. Fauci has lost the confidence of the American people with his repeated evasions, misdirection, and politicized statements. If he won’t resign, Joe Biden should fire him,” railed Republican Senator Tom Cotton. Even Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who has taken some very establishment positions, piled on, declaring, “He is supposed to be a fact-based public health official, not a pundit distorting the truth to conform with his personal judgment.”

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn has been increasingly dogged in her pursuit of Fauci’s resignation, saying that it is time for Fauci to “step aside” following revelations of his rampant dishonesty.

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Chip Roy discussed the possibility that disgraced government employee Dr. Anthony Fauci could face criminal punishment for the lies he told during the Coronavirus lockdowns. Asked by radio host Todd Starnes if Fauci engaged in “criminal behavior,” Chip Roy put on his prosecutor hat.

“As a former federal prosecutor, I like to dive into this stuff with that mindset before I make an allegation of criminal activity, but here’s what I would say: We know that this arrogant son of a you-know-what has been destroying this country for the better part of 14 months and the media and social media giants that are putting a two-year ban on (President Donald Trump), they are now having to back away from all their limitations and restrictions when any of us said, ‘Hey, hold on, this virus very likely came out of a lab in Wuhan. How did it come out of there?,” said Rep. Chip Roy.

“This has been the best example you could have of what happens when you fund federal bureaucrats to go in and make decisions on our behalf and step in with the power that they have. Think about the power of Anthony Fauci and what he’s done. 100,000 businesses closed. Destroyed lives. Children wearing masks. Mental stuff up. People who couldn’t get cancer screenings. We have literally wrecked the greatest economy in the history of the world because Anthony Fauci wanted to be on the cover of magazines and be in at the cocktail scene circuit in D.C. We’ll go follow the truth wherever it may lead and if that’s criminal investigations, so be it,” Chip Roy said. Here is a clip of Roy’s appearance with Starnes:

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