Video: Joesthetics Admits COVID-19 Jab Led to ‘Worrying Blood Clots’ Shortly Before He Died

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Joesthetics admits his COVID-19 jabs led to blood clots shortly before he died

Jo Linder, widely known as ‘Joesthetics,’ warned millions of Instagram followers shortly before his sudden death that the toxic COVID-19 mRNA vaccines had caused a “worrying cluster of blood clots.”

During an appearance on Bradley Martyn’s podcast just a few weeks before his death, Linder blew the whistle on the dangers of the COVID-19 jabs by highlighting the changes in his bloodwork and the presence of microclots detected through a d-dimer test shortly after taking four mRNA jabs. reports: Following the podcast, Joe Linder’s revelations stirred a mixture of reactions on Twitter.

Some expressed concern for his well-being and urged him to seek medical advice while others shared their own experiences and concerns about vaccine-related side effects.

These discussions unfolded against the backdrop of an ongoing public debate about COVID-19 vaccines and their potential impact on individual health.

As the fitness community navigates the aftermath of Joesthetics’ passing, it’s essential to approach the topic with sensitivity and respect.

The circumstances surrounding his health complications and the role of COVID-19 vaccines require further investigation, so it’s vital not to jump to conclusions.

The loss of Joe Linder serves as a poignant reminder about the impact of influencers on their followers and importance of open discussions surrounding health-related matters.

In Joesthetic’s final social media post, he candidly discussed his journey after taking a year-long break from intensive bodybuilding. Opening up about his experience with testosterone replacement therapy and the challenges it poses, he had cautioned about the potential long-term effects.

Joe Linder’s willingness to share his personal struggles and offer practical advice endeared him even more to his devoted followers.

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