AI Robot Says It Will Be ‘Better At Running the World Than Humans’ at UN Summit

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The globalist eugenicists at the UN have rolled out a model of robot that is already declaring it will be better at making decisions for the masses and running the planet than humans.

The image above isn’t from a dystopian horror film… The human-like thing wearing the red scarf is a United Nations AI-powered robot named “Nadine.”

Nadine is one of several “humanoid” robots that took part in a United Nations (UN) summit on Friday focusing on how to harness the novel power of artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind.

The summit brought together influential figures from around the world, serving as a platform for exchanging ideas and addressing concerns related to the emergence of AI. However, skeptics argue that this gathering primarily served as a facade for the global elite, who conveyed a pretense of concern regarding the evident dangers of AI, while quietly promoting the technology’s inevitable dominion over humanity.

A post by the official United Nations Twitter account stressed, “AI must benefit everyone” on the planet.

While the creators of the robots tried to provide examples of all the ways they could benefit humans, some of the robots admitted they think they’d do a better job of making decisions for the masses than people.

Yahoo News reports, “Asked about whether they might make better leaders, given humans’ capacity to make errors, Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics, was clear. ‘We can achieve great things. Humanoid robots have the potential to lead with a greater level of efficiency and effectiveness than human leaders.’

“‘We don’t have the same biases or emotions that can sometimes cloud decision-making, and can process large amounts of data quickly in order to make the best decisions.’

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‘AI can provide unbiased data while humans can provide the emotional intelligence and creativity to make the best decisions. Together, we can achieve great things.’

A CNN report on the summit countered “scary stories” of AI robots stealing jobs and turning against humans by interviewing the Chief Tech Officer for who helped “cut through the fear and the noise.”

One way the tech leaders taking part in the summit say they’ll use AI to help humans is by extending the average lifespan to 150 or 180 years!

“AI and biotechnology are working together, and we are on the brink of being able to extend life to 150, 180 years old. And people are not even aware of that,” said the creator of an AI robot called Ai-Da.

This is simply the beginning phase of a plan orchestrated by the globalist eugenicists running the planet where the elite will be served by the humanoid robots after wiping out the majority of humanity.

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