Canadian Navy Find Long Lost Nuke

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Canadian Navy discover long lost Nuke

Canada have deployed their Navy to investigate a possible “lost nuke” in the waters off the coast of British Colombia. 

The Royal Navy were deployed this week to investigate the nuclear bomb which is believed to have been dumped into the sea when an American B-36 bomber crashed in 1950.

The discovery comes just days after residents in northern Canada reported hearing strange humming noises emanating from the sea floor which the military were sent in to investigate, but as yet no official explanation has been given. reports:

Diver Sean Smyrichinsky tells the Vancouver Sun that he was searching for sea cucumbers recently when he spotted a bizarre object underwater that resembled a giant metal bagel cut in half, with bolts bigger than basketballs.

He says he told his buddies he might have spotted a UFO — and when he told some fishermen about the sighting a few days later, “some old-timer said ‘Oh, you might have found that bomb.'”

The bomb the “old-timer” was referring to was the Mark IV bomb missing since the Feb. 13, 1950 crash in the area of the US bomber, which was returning to a base in Alaska after a mission that included a simulated nuclear bombing of San Francisco, the Guardian reports.

The bomb was packed with TNT and weighed almost 11,000 pounds, though records indicate that its core was packed with lead, not plutonium, so there is little risk of a nuclear accident, a Canadian military spokesman says.

“Nonetheless, we do want to be sure and we do want to investigate it further,” he says, adding that experts will determine whether the object should be retrieved or left where it is.

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