ABC Considers Firing Whoopi Goldberg For Spitting In Jeanine Pirro’s Face

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ABC under pressure to fire Whoopi Goldberg after she spat in Judge Jeanine Pirro's face

ABC executives are considering firing Whoopi Goldberg after she spat on Judge Jeanine Pirro during a heated interview on The View. 

According to a complaint submitted by Pirro, ABC’s Goldberg told her to “get the f*k out of here” following Thursday’s appearance on the show, and then spat in her face.

Following the complaint, an online petition has been created asking ABC to fire Whoopi Goldberg for assaulting the outspoken conservative judge. reports: Pirro recounted, “As I was exiting the stage, [Whoopi Goldberg] was already off, and she said, ‘F you. F you,’  and then I said, ‘Whoopi, I can’t believe it. I have fought for victims my whole life.’

She got in my face to the point where she was actually spitting at me and she said, ‘Get the f out of here. Get the f out of this building,’ and she’s pointing to the door. It was almost as though I was a dog, and she cursed me out and said, ‘get the f out of this building.’”

Pirro added, “I have to tell you guys, as a prosecutor and judge and a DA, I can go toe-to-toe with the best of them. Well, I have never been treated like this in my life. They invited me on The View. I didn’t ask to go on, and people said, ‘Don’t’ go on it.’ I said, ‘You know what? As far as I’m concerned, I can defend my book.’ I wrote it. I’ve got hundreds of footnotes. I’m going to go on. I like them. I don’t have a problem with them. They were gunning for me.”

Pirro cast Goldberg’s belligerence as part of a broad trend of widespread left-wing hostility towards conservatives. She said, “Americans need to understand that in 2018 they’ve got to stand up for what they think is right and what course is the best that this country is going to take, because the more and more the left starts approaching people in restaurants and abusing them in public spots, the more this becomes normal, the more we’re going to be victimized by it. … They can call us fascists all they want, but I have been shut down in my attempt to answer questions in a place where I was invited on. I mean, the whole thing is stunning to me.”

Pollak asked if any of The View‘s producers subsequently apologized for Goldberg’s hostility.

Pirro replied, “As the segment was abruptly ended, Meghan McCain mouthed to me, ‘I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.’ Honestly, I didn’t even know if I should get up from the table because I knew it wasn’t over, but the host just pushed the chair away and stormed off. It was almost surreal to me. As I walked out, people started coming around because they heard her cursing at me. At that point, I just walked it out as I was being thrown out. As I was walking out, she was following me cursing at me. .. All I can tell you is that I was shocked. I always like Whoopi Goldberg [and] Joy Behar. I co-hosted that show before, and I’m not afraid to talk to anybody. But this is a real problem in this country and it’s happening from the left to the right all the time.”

Pirro concluded, “I would never do that to anyone. I would never invite anyone on my show and then abuse them in an obscene way. That’s not the way we do it in this country. Liars, leakers, and liberals, that’s who the left is. They want socialism. They want communism. They want to shut us down and they call us fascists? Really? Enough of this.”


    • Why everyone can say things truthfully about Trump and they call it Fake news.Trump can see a video of him saying lies and he will put that lie on Obama
      The judge is aTrump supporter and want people to believe his lies. The judge didn’t like it because of the Cohost
      I didn’t see Whoopi being disrespectful
      All of Trump supporters are the same as the professional liar racist Obama hater Donald Trump Putin lover selling the United Ststes out all because he is afraid of the dirt Russia got him

        • Donald Trump can come out and give his opinion such as, “Crab legs are tastier than lobster tail.” and the lefty media will call it a lie.

      • You didn’t see spitting as disrespectful? You are willfully ignorant, led by alphabet news and duped by the left.

        • Yep …Polly want a cracker??? You need to suck it up sunshine..BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, TRUMP’S your president whether you like it or not. Perhaps a chill pill with cyanide might help.

      • Polly44’s post IS Leftists tyranny. They do not want to discuss issues, they want to shut ALL TALK DOWN. They will whine, lie, fake outrage, and name call to BULLY THEIR POINT. That is FASCISM shutting down free speech in a civil society. Polly YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF. For promoting Hatred and attacking Free speech with your bullying, Alinsky tactics. Your views are not American.

      • You are the fascist Whoopie is a disgusting pig and needs to be fired she cannot control her temper.

      • Grow some balls Polly love and EDUCATE yourself. You are a sucker if you believe what you’ve just said. perhaps stick your head back up your arse where it belongs as it is clear you have shit for brains! You poor thing.

      • When it comes to Trump the fake news has been fake too many times. All was fine in the conversation with the judge until Whoopsh*t got TRIGGERED thus proving Judge Jeanine right about Whoopsh*t having TDS. PRICELESS!!

      • As for that other guy, there were many people that hated him way before Trump our President came into the picture. It began back in 2008, when his true self began to show!

      • You go girl! These are a bunch of haters! Whoopi is the sane voice of reason. This judge was being a mouthy b*tch. She wasn’t any better than . The lies were just falling out of her mouth…lol That was what Whoopi was having a problem with. And spitting? Get real people, when you are mouthing off, spit and lots words will be flying out of your mouth! It wasn’t deliberate! And if you don’t like The View , don’t watch it! They won’t miss you! They have loyal, sane viewers and don’t need you haters! Have a nice day!

          • HHHHmmmm….since you have such a low opinion, why give me a thought?…lol Bad boy! Name calling does not become you…:)

          • Dem voter is a troll. The proverbial pot calling the kettle black. OMG, I said black. I must be a racist!

          • no! why do you think you are racist if you call a black person black? not in my book anyway.

        • Are you actually watching the View looking for facts and seriously claiming there’s even a single “sane voice of reason” on that show?? Omg.. you need to go seek some mental help. Wow. O.o

      • Polly the Parrot…repeated the lines CNN prepared for her daily during their broadcasts. Polly want a cracker? Rawwwr.

      • Polly, go back to 4th grade and relearn grammar and sentence structure. Your lack of both grammar and sentence structure has displayed that you’re nothing but a poorly educated being that the democrap party relies on for votes. You’re easily led around by the tail.

  1. whoopi needs to just go away she is a delusional demoncrat bigot how dare she spit in the judges face !

    • Whoopi has just proven what an unhinged PIG she really is. Disgusting POS. Jeannie Pirro should have her charged for assault.

      • Absolutely. I would file the lawsuit. To show all these bitches that they live in America. And it’s not some shithole, where they are allowed to do what they want. I’m surprise that people even attend this disgusting autodafe. Though I’m sure Judge Jeannine accepted the invitation to this ugly show knowing that it’s going to be some kind of the battle between them. But she probably underestimated the degree of it.

    • Racist dumb hysterical bitch Whoopy should go to hell. She is the same bizarre idiot as Rosanne. She should be kicked out of TV till the end of her worthless life. Fat and disgusting stinker.

    • This has been should just be put out to pasture. This kind of behavior has NO place in 2018, but sadly, there’s a lot of people like Whoopi who think it’s part of natural discourse.

  2. It is not about left and right it is about right and wrong. Liberalism is a mental disease. #justwalkaway. Dont be left behind. #WWG1WGA.

  3. The View should simply replace Whoopi with Jeanine Pirro. I bet their ratings would increase.

  4. I have seen Judge Jeanine on the streets in NYC interviewing hard hats. She is the real deal. It did look like that racist Whoopi was foaming at the mouth.

    • Plus, ABC will never fire her because they are fellow lefties. They probably called her and told her, “Good job. But next time, try to be a little more coy about it.”.

  5. As my best friend says,…and he is black,…”there are black folks and there are niggers,….Whoopi is a nigger – always has been and always will be”
    Whoopi reminds us of Maxine Waters and her so called “black panther” supporters,…disgusting low life IDIOTS.

  6. This is DISGUSTING all because these Hollywood scum protect their own! They call Trump a liar but that’s because their ignorant to his December 21st executive order that seizes assets and money from the Hollywood elites and life long politicians whom have been involved in crimes against humanity ( children ) these children are mostly immigrants and there’s over 40k sealed indictments with their names on them. Protecting these POS makes you a scum bag PERIOD!

    • And this piece of Whoopsy shit WAS an abused child. That’s what her problem is…she has a mental health issue poor Whoopsy. Oh and probably cos no one wants her any more for movies. I guess they could give her a role as a camel, they SPIT don;t they?

    • I don’t think she would be entitle for the unemployment. If she is fired for the fighting on her workplace, no unemployment would be allowed. And this is the case.

  7. It was the disgusting Racist comment Whoopi made about Judge Jeanine that is the same type that caused Rosanne’s show to be cancelled. She called the Judge a “Sand N***er”. The Judge is from Lebonan.

  8. Anyone remember Steven Crowder’s hotmic during a commercial when he was talking to Gavin McInnes? McInnes was invited on The View and Crowder was telling him under no circumstances should he go on there because they are abusive and will make him look like a Nazi without getting a chance to defend himself. This basically proves it.

    On a side note, I remember when Barbara Walters created this show and hosted it. It was actually interesting back then. Now it has just become a cesspool of Liberal talking points with zero intellectual honesty occurring.

  9. I wonder what dirt miss low IQ Whoopi is worried about being exposed? President Trump is like kryptonite to the pure evil in
    this world. They know their days are numbered. The louder they yell (and spit) the more they have to hide and the most to lose.

  10. Yep and that’s what Whoopi has become…A RABID DOG!!! Now watch her blame her dysfunctional childhood.

    • and the mental and sexual abuse from her parents. And the racist classmates. I’m starting to cry in advance.

  11. Soooo…what happened to that whole ‘F*CK YOUR FEELINGS’ crap you folks had on your shirts.

    Just throw that right on out the window did ya?

    Whoopi is an idiot, the view sucks and you are all a bunch of pathetic little crybabies.

    Enjoy your reality ya little cream puffs.

  12. Would love to see Diamond and Silk doing that show, if the network has the freedom to allow views from the other side. But I often get the impression that it isn’t wanted much on TV these days. A more balanced cast.


  14. Whoopi should be removed from the show. She is clearly too biased, racist & unhinged to be in public anymore. I can imagine how she acts on the streets when not on camera.

  15. Your a #45 supporter i know because your article is a total fabrication. I saw the interview & Whoopi did NOT spot in her face. Infact, the punk b%tch pirro accosted back stage. Your lyeing to the public.

  16. Obviously Whoopie Cushion desperately had to prevent Judge Pirro from speaking because she was telling the TRUTH in such a greatly educational way that Ms Cushion was going to take the heat for allowing it.

    So, The View though they could invite such a strong and correct judge onto their show and then take her down, huh? Make her look bad and foolish? Well that backfired on them, didn’t it? The Judge held her own and has given The View and specifically Ms. Cushion the opportunity to show what they are really made of. Shame on them!


  17. All of these otherwise smart celebrities must being paid mucho buckos to degrade themselves so far as to sell their souls to the devil.

  18. It is like being invited to anywhere, and then they feed you poison. People who cannot have a discourse of opinions without resorting to vulgarity, are lacking not only in manners, but are unstable in other areas

    • Glad we agree on something MS.Liberal , yeah, your correct, I fought a war that left me VA certified “cuckoo”; had the likes of Jane Fonda’s, Abby Hoffmans spitting on veterans, openly.


  19. I watched it and that isn’t what I saw! Miss judge was all up in their faces and Megan MeCain wasn’t feeling her either. They all wanted her off stage and gone!

    • That’s because they are liberals it’s a mental disease. One can only have an opinion that meets with their approval otherwise they eliminate your freedom of speech lest it be less than PC It’s disgusting to me. .

      • If you watch the interviews with the women on the view, you would come to the same conclusion. Miss judge was nothing but a drama queen and was called out on her baloney . So she was pissed off and let every dirty word she knew fly……

  20. Though ABC should fire Whoopi Goldberg, they will not, as she is one of the Diversity-is-Our-Strength Food Chain’s vibrant and special Super-Citizens, a protected class above any reproach or criticism in today’s America. Roseanne, an actual ratings-maker and money-earner for the network, was canned for something much less offensive. Roseanne is white. Get the picture.

  21. Whoppi is a MORON, she was one of the first to publically declare that if Trump were elected, she would leave the United States. Hello, your still here Whoppi!! Yeah, we know why, because you wouldn’t make it anywhere else. As a veteran, who knows about the sacrifices my brothers in arms HAVE MADE so that assholes like Whoppi can go on national TV and visciously slander out President, and make a mockery of the thing that us veterans gave her, the right to freedom, the ability to make millions of dollars. Instead of doing something good with her “so called” celebrity, no, she uses it to spew hatred, and disrepects our president, our country, our veterans. This woman should have been arrested for spitting in Judge Piros face, typical low class ghetto behavior..

  22. Y’all trumps deplorables are so stupid. If Whoopi spat on her, “judge Pirro” would press charges. She suppose to know the law. Pirro lying to y’all stupid asses. Three side to every story, her side, my side and the truth

  23. They better fire Whoopie or maybe we should act like the left does, Attack the Host ANYWHERE we see them, Harass them, keep them from enjoying life.
    Nah, we are better then them.

    I stand with the Judge 100%

  24. Who’s stupid enough to believe this article? They weren’t alone and whooping never spit at her. Furthermore its already documented that the old leather bag pirro was upset and looking for a fight because she was upset that Anna was there.

  25. Anybody who thinks they are going to fire Whoopi is as crazy as Whoopi. This will all be swept under the rug. It’s the ultimate double standard.

  26. Fire the Racist whoopieBags,,,we’re tired of her TDS and Racist attacks,,,what she did was waaay worse than Rosanne ,, duh ,,,wakey wakey ABC ,,!!

  27. what’s to consider, ABC? Fire whoopi cushion for this vile act. It is amazing that she can get away with something like that. Imagine if a fox news anchor spat at Hillary Clinton for all the actual lies she has told and crimes she has committed. Gone in an split second.

  28. To be fair, its been stated by Pirro that Whoopi did not deliberately spit on her. But was simply frothing at the mouth and spittle erupted while Goldberg was cussing her out. That detail makes this article highly suspect. I will be pleasantly stunned if it is true

  29. Whoopi should be fired. that was horrible to do to someone just bc they disagreed with her. so ugly and so very sad

  30. Sign the petition “To Fire Whoopi”, I did! Its already over 100,000…..lets push that to a MILLION!

  31. From what I read she didn’t spit on you intentionally. She was cursing you out and so close in your face spit was getting on you. Let’s make things clear okay.

  32. way to go whoopi , take charge of the show like you always do, if you come with a strong view point you damn well better be prepared for a strong response, what a hypocritical world we live in, stand strong against those that hate without a cause. deny and deflect. thats what we get from those that feel privleged, speak out , this is the hate that hate produced. look within your own Race before you speak ill of others, and now you have a man in charge that reflects deep hatred, for those that don”t think like him , as well as those that DO think like him , way to promote your book lady , smh

  33. this article is titled wrong there is nothing in here about the executives saying anything bout firing whoopie wtf

  34. She will not be fired for three reasons. She is black, a woman (questionable?), & a far left wing loony tunes wack job

  35. Good … not that our beloved Judge J was abused, but it is good to see she has rattled the Whoopi racist in her cage.

    The Judge will occupy a lot of space in the Whoopi bigot’s cage for a looong time.

    Schadenfreude is uncivil – and generally not something decent folks should aspire too …

    but in this case we should all make an exception and hope Whoopi gets a double dose of what her kind has been dumping on the rest of America for decades.

  36. Every time somebody talks about Trump lying, I wonder what lies they’re talking about. And even when they’re asked that question, they have no answer. You can call somebody something all day long but that doesn’t mean its true!

  37. Nkgoo, geniş kapsamlı bilgi platformudur. Her konuda bilgi içeriği üretme amacıyla yayın hayatına başlamış referans kaynak sitedir. Ayrıca telif hakları konularına da özen gösterilmektedir.

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