Bill Gates Praises China for Their Authoritarian COVID Response: “You Guys Are Great!”

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Bill Gates praises China over their authoritarian approach to Covid

Bill Gates has praised Communist China for their “great work” in handling the Coronavirus pandemic, including the extremely authoritarian restrictions imposed on ordinary citizens and harsh punishments issued to whistleblowers.

In a creepy recorded message to the Chinese regime, Gates wished “everyone in China, a very Happy Lunar New Year,” and said that “Just as the tiger symbolizes vitality and health, our Foundation has continued work over this past year.”

He added, “The recent troubling, and highly contagious Omicron variant means the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. Since the onset of the pandemic, China has worked hard to not only contain the virus, but also contributed to closing the equity gap by supporting other countries with many different supplies, including great vaccines.”

Gates continued, “I was also thrilled to hear the news that in June, that the WHO recognized China’s remarkable success in defeating malaria, declaring the country officially free from the disease.”

Gates concluded, “So like many of you, I believe the world can become better. And I know innovation and collaboration are key to getting there. I look forward to once again being able to travel to China, to see all of you and this work, in person. But for now have a wonderful holiday and a very healthy and happy new year.”



  1. What else should we expect from a spokesperson of Lucifer, an influencer for the dark war against our souls from Lucifer. He is Lucifer’s sock puppet preacher of the Luciferian religion of darkness and demons, death and Hell. He emits life-killing energy all around him and he exists just to serve satan in his war against Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. You should all stop and think about how much you all envy and worship the others like him. You are all giving Lucifer the power to destroy this once beautiful world. Destroy what God created to only know, LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH and oneness in the Joy and beauty of his creation. You are either with God or Lucifer. This is the last showdown. The final Judgement, is God your one and only God? Do you worship these self proclaimed authority scum bags like this genocidle maniac who serve satan by glorifying millions of deaths by injections? This is the end and every one of you will be forced to take a side, it will only get uglier than that loser Gates who has no soul, who sold his soul for MONEY and Fame and all he got was money and fame enough to serve satan only and other than that he has NOTHING.

  2. Two faced back stabbing snake in the grass They planned years in advance to set China up as the fall guy so China would have to be authoritarian in controlling the release by scientists, most likely foreign but definitely foreign agents really, as fast as possible for their own self protection. He planned it.

  3. Shades of the apple offered to Eve in the Garden. A poisonous technology!
    Oh and not one word from him about China harvesting organs from unwilling, live people! Worse than Hitler’s genocidal doctors!

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