Senior Anti-Marjorie Greene Republican Staffer Arrested for Running Pedophile Ring

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Senior Republican staffer Ruben Verastigui who hated Trump arrested for running massive pedophile ring

A senior anti-Marjorie Greene Republican staffer was arrested on Friday by D.C. police for operating a massive pedophile ring.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, 27 year-old Ruben Verastigui, of Northeast, DC, was arrested on Friday and charged with Distribution of Child Pornography, which included sickening videos of babies being raped.

Per their statement:

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Youth and Family Services Division, Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, the Northern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and Homeland Security Investigations announce an arrest has been made in a Distribution of Child Pornography offense that occurred in Washington, DC. 

Between March 2020 and February 2021, an investigation revealed the suspect distributed, received and possessed images of child pornography. 

On Friday, February 5, 2021, 27 year-old Ruben Verastigui, of Northeast, DC, was arrested and charged with Distribution of Child Pornography.

Ruben A. Verastigui, is currently Communications Manager at Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions Former Senior Digital Strategist for Senate Republicans and RNC.

According to his Instagram, Verastigui was at the White House on Dec 8 and Oct 19 last year.

His last tweet, just hours before his arrest for distribution of child porn, cheered the 11 Republican Congressmen who voted to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees.

Reuben Verastigui said in a group chat that he liked images of babies being sexually abused. “Babies are some of my biggest turn ons” he said.

“I have been wanting to see videos of guys hardcore raping a baby,” he added.

“when a baby screams it’s my favorite.”

Verastigui also requested that someone join him in D.C. to sexually abuse a minor.

Verastigui was also very active in the pro-life movement.

He worked at multiple pro-life organizations & spoke at the March for Life in 2013.


  1. Verastiguiis a Spanish name meaning ‘gift of God’.. Sort of like the Priests and Bishops are to the children of the world. Just looking at this ‘guy’ I would not let him near any kids.

    • The Nazis and the Democrats are both run by the Jews.
      The word Nazis does NOT come from the NSDAP rather it comes from Ashkenazi.

      • You have to go way back in time to realize the Luciferians infiltrated Israel by pretending they were Jewish. Not all of Israel is like that. So don’t put all Jewish people in the same pot. Do some research. You’ll be surprised.

        • Maybe, but they all stick together, and protect one another. There’s no denying that.

          If a rabbi asks for a favor, any favor, with no questions asked, it is generally granted, and happily so. I know this from personal experience. This is why the diaspora are so effective in their quest to destroy the moral fabric of the white race, therefore eliminating any real opposition.

          So in my opinion, many of them they put themselves in that same pot.

      • You need to make a distinction between Jews descended from the Israelites and the Khazar/Ashkenazis. The latter are imposters of God’s original chosen people.

    • Newspunch deleting comments like the J_WISH communist do on J_wtube, J_WGLE, Twitter ……
      Compare WW2 Germany to demoncrats only IDIOT can do it who got the education from same people who stole the election. The base of communism was always United States of Antichrist. USA they assisted the communists wherever they could. They save murderous J_WISH bolshevik swines who murdered well over 100 millions Russian Christians . Same satanic j_ ws who stole the latest election.://

    • U’re a complete idiot. This dude is 100% MAGAt. Hates MTG (who doesn’t?).. but loves Drumpf. Then u can add the over 100 list of Repug child sex offenders if u bothered to simply google a little bit vs just shoot shit out ur ignorant mouth. U aren’t even capable of condemning a perverted monster – as if being a Repug auto-makes a human being incapable of being fucked up. That’s as stupid as thinking priests are too holy to molest young boys. I’m so glad ignorant asses like urself stay in the repugnican lane. Ur own leaders love the extremely wealthy and extremely stupid… I’m willing to bet u’re not extremely wealthy.

  2. If he has raped anyone especially a baby he should get the death penalty. Otherwise the least he should get is his penis and balls amputated and life in prison.

  3. Remove his teeny wienie and make him eat it, like the bottom feeder he is. Or, maybe I’m being presumptive on the matter of persoal pronouns…

  4. Of course he’s pro life. He wants them born so they can be abused. I personally want to see him hanged in the public square. Now that would turn me on!

  5. Chances are pretty good that someone knew this was going on. This type tend to flock together and hide in places people wont suspect them.

  6. Why did the FBI sit on this so long? How many babies were raped while they held on to info for 10 months? Who did they protect in his group of monsters? Democrats wanted the right opportunity to destroy him when it causes the most damage. They figured it’s time to kick the dog when it’s down.

    • Not to argue, at all, but perhaps they had to be sure they had all the ducks in a row, to legally entrap him, to make it stick in court? Otherwise they could lose to some sick judge? Idk. Just trying to figure it out, myself and hoping something good was going on. :'(

    • I’d say the FBI’s performance during the Hillary email investigation and the Trump Russia-gate investigation speak volumes in regard to WHY…

  7. I pray this sick A – – H – – e repeals what he has sown. A just reward to be tortured repeatedly in prison. I have heard , Inmates do not take kindly to abuse of children.

    • That’s the narrative, they’re hoping ppl keep thinking it’s just a conspiracy theory instead of FACT. This guy probably got involved in this sickness bcuz he hangs with the masters of sickness…the swamp!

  8. Looks like another gay guy who believes age is irrelevant and sadistic sex is normal. Maybe it is time to expose this dark, open secret. Why did he believe he could say and do these things and not get caught? Because perversion is just another day in the homosexual community. The guy probably had been “mentored” by gay men for years. Who provided the children? We can only guess.

      • You think they have the political support to go after the guys from the homosexual community that hurt these kids? Obviously, there are non-homosexuals that do this degeneracy, but the proportions are greater among gay men who seem to exist in a culture that believes man-child sex is normal. Let’s address the root cause.

  9. For some reason, the word GHOUL has been dropped from our societal vocabulary. It’s time we brought it back.

  10. Look ,they’re weird okay They like ” baby sex ” And they all look ever so respectable too .They’re selected carefully, recruited and groomed .All in it together.

  11. This article heading is wrong. Greene was not arrested in DC. The article is about a former Republican staffer. Please get the title correct and stop hating on someone that has not been arrested.

  12. This ‘sicko-bastard’ should be tried along with all of his ‘sicko-associates’ and then skinned alive in the public square! He does not deserve to live on this planet! Enough said.

  13. This is all very salacious but I’m not seeing where he was part of a major trafficking ring? What am I missing?

    People like this are everywhere, and most of them are in government. This is what too many don’t understand. The powers that be (controllers – like the deep state) have the goods on all of them. So if they step out of line, this is what happens to them, their secrets come out and they go to jail or worse. So, what did this guy do? Just a sacrificial lamb? And if so, why?

    • Thinking the SAME thing! He was low hanging fruit for ALL his Washington customers… who did he piss off?
      Who are all his customers? Who was he getting the child porn from? He’s just a sick 27 year old “fall guy”.

  14. I’m beginning to see why the Dem’s, Left in general hate the Republicans but mostly the hate for Trump…he was serious about ridding the world of the baby rapist & other pedophilia. The Dem’s are getting scared their child services are coming to an end.

  15. Hopefully he will experience exactly his turn on from the opposite side of the camera. He’ll be the screaming baby this time. Prisoners do not like his kind and they treat them as such.

  16. I have a son his age, how about I let him meet this one and see who comes out alive. No? My goodness no, he will be rehabbed and working with Joe in 6 months.

  17. March Ruben A. Verastigui directly out into the nearest public venue and put s bullet into the back of his head.

  18. I am weeping for this precious little baby & all of the other precious, innocent little babies & precious, innocent children who have been hurt by this evil psycopath & other evil psycopaths. Eternal torment in hell is waiting for these demons. The death penalty is too good for them. #SAVETHECHILDREN #PEDOGATE #BIDENNEVEROURPRESIDENT #STOPHUMANTRAFFICKING #TRUMPWON

  19. So he celebrates someone accused of being a Qanon foller being punished. Qanon that says pedophiles are running rampant in DC. Makes you wonder about all the others who hate Qanon so much.

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