Jesse Ventura Thanked By Putin For His Work While Visiting Moscow

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Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura as Blain in 'Predator' (1987)

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was personally thanked by President Vladimir Putin on a visit to Moscow.

Ventura is a former Navy SEAL and played the part of Sergeant Blain Cooper in John McTiernan’s 1987 film ‘Predator’ alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Jesse Ventura contacted Alex Jones on Friday with some informative news on Russia and his experiences there during a recent visit.

INFOWars reports:

Ventura had recently traveled to Russia to take part in several panels that consisted of former CIA officials and other prominent figures.

During his visit, Ventura also attended a press dinner hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin. While at the reception, Ventura, who had never been to the country previously, says he was shocked at how much the nation was progressing towards freedom, not just in the free market but in basic human rights, and how the United States has been heading in the wrong direction.Jesse ventura

The former governor told Jones that he was excited about the visit and hoped to break down the experience to listeners of the Alex Jones Show.

After asking if he had the chance to talk with President Putin, Jones learned that the President did indeed stop Ventura to shake his hand and state, “Thank you governor for all you’ve done.”

Ventura declined to reveal further details of the meeting, saying he would instead tell Alex and his listeners Monday on the Alex Jones Show.

Putin’s comments on other political figures, such as presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, have made headlines recently as well.

“He says that he wants to move to another, closer level of relations. Can we really not welcome that? Of course we welcome that,” the Russian president said regarding Trump, referring to the business mogul as “bright and talented.”

Trump, who called the remarks a “great honor,” responded by calling Putin a “strong” and “powerful leader.”

Tune in to the Alex Jones Show on Monday, December 21, from 11am to 3pm CST to hear about Ventura’s full experience while in Russia.


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