Controversial Armed U.S. Guards To Patrol UK Airports

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UK airports may soon see armed US guards patrolling in an attempt to prevent ISIS terrorists from travelling to America

The UK are planning on installing armed US border guards who will have the powers to search holidaymakers at British airports.

The controversial scheme is part of a move to introduce a global security force at all airports around the world to reduce the risk of ISIS militants entering the United States. reports:

Guards from Customs and Border Protection would carry out immigration and customs checks before passengers board.

They would be given diplomatic immunity so they could not be prosecuted for any crime committed on British soil, the report added.

Other reports on Sunday said that the British armed police could get greater legal protection if they shoot suspected criminals.

This comes after Prime Minister David Cameron ordered a review of current laws in the light of mass shootings in Paris last month, the Sunday Times reported.

Unlike most forces around the world, British police are not routinely armed and currently just over 2,000 of London’s 31,000 officers are able to carry guns, said the AFP.

The Sunday Times, citing a senior government source, said Cameron was prepared to change current laws to give those armed officers greater protection against prosecution.

“Terrorist incidents both at home and abroad have shown very clearly the life-and-death decisions police officers have to make in split-second circumstances,” the source said, according to the newspaper.

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