As Covid Narrative Crumbles, We’re Already Being Prepped For The Next ‘Pandemic’

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Fauci covid and aids pandemic

It appears that the battle against covid might be slowly winding down, but what’s coming up next?

Covid restrictions are being relaxed and countries are even abandoning vaccine passport plans in their efforts to “get back to normal”.

The “experts” who had previously been warning that we’re all gonna die if we don’t get jabbed and follow the rules are instead telling us we should just “treat covid like the flu

Now that the covid narrative has crumbled, that fight is over. Despite some pockets of token resistance, the establishment are by and large letting it go. But that does not mean the agenda behind the pandemic has gone.

Has anyone noticed that the media has been making a gradual change from covid to HIV and AIDS?

The Off Guardian reports: In fact, even as they seek to dump this pandemic in a shallow grave, they are already prepping the public for the next health scare – AIDS.

In December Joe Biden claimed it was the aim of his administration to “end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030”. A similar campaign, launched in the UK at the same, uses the same exact phrase, word for word.

Then, just last week it was suddenly reported there was a “new variant” of HIV circulating in Europe, this new strain is allegedly “more virulent”, “more transmissable”, and “progresses to AIDS faster”.

At the same time, papers are reporting that for the first time in years heterosexuals are more likely to contract HIV than homosexuals, and they are “more at risk of AIDS” because they’re “diagnosed late”.

On the back of this “news”, a Guardian opinion piece claims we need a “new strategy” for dealing with AIDS.

Following hot on the heels of this fresh wave of fear is a push for everyone to get AIDS tested as soon as possible, from politicians and celebrities and everyone in between.

Prince Harry is leading the charge, in a video that caused the press invole the spirit of his mother Princess Diana, Harry insisted we all have a “duty” to get HIV tested “to keep other people safe”, comparing it to the COVID outbreak.

“Know your status“, the video says. Which will probably be a hashtag in the near future. (I just checked, and it actually is already.)

They’re really cranking through the gears on this one.

Even while the problem and reaction are still barely out of the research and development stage, they’re already talking about the solution.

Guess what it is?

If you said “another mRNA vaccine”, well done for paying attention

Yes, Moderna has apparently learned so much from making their rushed Covid vaccine which doesn’t work that they’re already making an HIV vaccine they hope will be just as “safe and effective”.

In a truly startling coincidence, Moderna’s HIV vaccine began clinical trials the exact same day the “new variant” of HIV hit the headlines, and the same week as the NHS’s annual “HIV Testing Week”. Funny old world, isn’t it?

Anyway, everyone get ready to line up for the AIDS shot.


    • This is the preemptive strike to explain the destruction of the immune system due to the mRNA vaccine billions took. Of course the solution…another mRNA vaccine. Imagine that.

      • I also believe the methods vary. i do think they are spike some doses with HIV. So my theory is… HIV, micro clots, soft tissue cancers, and reduc T-Cell production.

  1. Pretty obvious they need an explanation for all the vaccinated people who magically don’t have an immune response after taking their experimental shots. It wasn’t too long ago that many actual scientist noticed Covid had similar qualities to HIV in terms of the protein sequences…if anyone thinks that is a coincidence they are beyond help.

    • they are NOT in even the same virus family as HIV is a retro-virus and covid is not that means you can beat covid with a vax or by fighting it off without a vax,HIV is forever thus retro and you can never defeat it only manage it

      • Do you even know what a retrovirus is? A retrovirus is a virus that uses RNA as its genetic material. There are lots of retroviruses the body “beats”. And your false equivalency of not being in the same family isn’t the basis for any type of argument against the fact that sarscov2 has similarities to HIV. In fact in lends credence to the fact that this is the product of a lab experiment that is an impossibility in nature.

      • They were vaccinating Africans for it decades ago Faucis received billions in funding for it since he was appointed to develop the aids vaccine way back in the 1980s That’s been his responsibility for 40 years. To find out all about hiv and how it works and all that sort of research. To develop a vaccine.

  2. the fake news is just as warped as the agenda real fake news point counter point money money money free news social media is not the for money fake news it is the ONLY real news other than PBS which also warps do to the money bags behind it

      • Pfizer are convicted criminals proven to be frauds yet government health ministers, Fauci, consort with them That’s a criminal offence.

        • I’m married to a virologist with over 50 yrs research, he can explain to you why the “no such thing as germ theory” is bunk. Unless you are a virologist, you don’t know enough to convince me otherwise.

          • Stefan lanka is a virologist and micro biologist and he has experiments proving virology is bunk

  3. Practice makes perfect.

    Prepping the strategic reserve of toilet paper and other items we have found out to be subject to supply line crisis.
    Safest place to be is out on the boat fishing, away from it all.

  4. It will be 5G related. Covid was the test. 5G will activate new diseases that cannot be cured and will kill quickly. Perhaps 6G too? There is no limit to the evil they are capable of. If you have no soul, you have no conscience. In the background more entities are being placed in high positions. They are all, like the pope, hand picked by Lucifer and Satan to run the illusion that evil is good. That lies are truth that killing people is saving lives. There will God separate the sheep who follow God, from the goats easily led astray by the devils machinations. The final judgement is upon us, this is the end.

    • Unless they are lying to us about the wave length of 5G, you are wrong. The danger of 5G is that it makes data gathering more accurate for surveillance, drone attack accuracy, and all kinds of technical things my imagination can’t come up with. But I used to work with millimeter wave and know a good bit about it. Millimeter waves are very short ranged, they get eaten up by air quickly, they have very little penetration power. They can’t penetrate skin. If high powered they can heat the skin warm. i guess if they are really high power they can burn, but that would take a huge antenna to do that. Not buying that the 5G is going to make you sick. The danger is the capability to control techincal devices. It could make micro drones very controllable and precise.

  5. The trial balloon was launched with a story about small pox in Yemen. The story was rescinded but it put the idea out there that small pox still exists.

  6. Now that they have a perfect vehicle for grabbling money and power, they will never stop using it. the next one will be worst (by the design).
    God will judge us all, and at the top of the list are the war mongers and the bioterrorists of pharma.

  7. If the people of the world do the right thing, and the only thing to survive, and that is to not wast time and effort protesting, marching, voting, which accomplishes nothing under totalitarian oppression, but form into guerilla armies, and using counterinsurgency tactics, totally and violently eradicate the cabal-controlled-totalitarian government that you live under. 95% of the world’s governments are controlled by this anti-humanity monolithic global cabal, then this cancerous blight on humanity can be eliminated.

    • The beast of the antichrist and rhe whore of Babylon which sits on the banks of the river Thammuz. Pagan sun worshippers like Druids and those who celebrate Saturnalia from Rome.

  8. Profits before people. Money is everything to them The financial health is the top priority. Don’t be deceived by OMMISSIONS.

  9. When they first started about corona virus straight away I thought they’ve adapted that from hiv, made it lighter and so airborne A lighter weaker strain. It appears the let’s say little specimen naturally is growing into its full blown heavy status. They call it mutating I doubt that a it’s returning to its full state. They re very clever.

    • It’s MATURING. And it’s all clear as as crystal now.
      The blackmail of Andrew started as before the alleged pandemic began.
      The murder of Epstein increased that blackmail. Threat. The holding Maxwell for so long before trial and the threats of her singing all planned and timed to perfection. All by the Rule of law, all of it, the murder the whitewash everything.
      And it always, the key to it was understanding who took the picture of Andrew and Epstein taking”a walk in the park”. Who except secret services could have anticipated or known that’s what Andrew was going to do . Why were they onboard Lolitta so often? It’s all so clear. “Never trust anyone” Queen Mum.

      • And who else could have arranged all of those photos of Andrew at Epsteins? No one else except secret service in partnership with cia. The photos all leaked. Andrew’s movements aren’t broadcast publicly. It’s so obvious now The blackmail because by common sense the Queen with effectively over 2 billion subjects and as head of the Anglican Church should be the moral authority for rule of law really, not the Pope. They ACTUALLY have half her subjects and their figures come from the numbers if Confirmations they have collected It does not, I think the truth is, mean the number of living Catholics. Its the total confirmations it might just actually really be. I know I heard a statistician saying its the number of confirmations they have. There was no further clarification.

  10. Of course they took hiv started growing it isolated it as a baby still a tiny thing light airborne even, still needing body fluids like it s full grown adult form, and the cast it to the wind in every country on earth too, almost or actually on the same day. Then they used that flu to sell their totalitarianism whilst having the Windsor blackmailed by Guiffre. She was recruited to blackmail Epstein and Ghislaine and Andrew.
    Over time the baby MATURES not mutates, through stages into its full grown adult status.. That’s how they’ve stolen the world. And Faucis been the hero.

    • CORONA the ring of light around the sun. All of them in it together would have understand the genesis. Let there be light around their God like an angelic halo.The angels of light as warned by the Bible. The angels of the false prophets

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