Father Plagued With Guilt After 10-Yr-Old Son Collapses With Heart Issues 2 Weeks After Jab

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A father from Ireland says he feels guilty for getting his 10-year-old son vaccinated after the boy suffered a near fatal heart issue while playing at school.

A father from Ireland says he feels guilty for getting his 10-year-old son vaccinated after the boy reportedly suffered a near fatal heart issue while playing at school.

In a solemn TikTok video, Sean Eile describes how his son was given a Covid-19 vaccine on January 15 which he now believes was a terrible mistake.

“Everyone in the house is vaccinated. I got my youngest son vaccinated on the 15th of January, and two weeks later, on the 31 of January, he was playing in school, and he had a… well I’ll show you,” Elie says holding up a printout of an EKG showing an extremely fast heart rate.

He basically died,” Eile continued, adding, “The ambulance was able to [resuscitate] him.”

The man says the boy does not have any pre-existing conditions and his entire family have never suffered any heart issues in the past. However, according to doctors, the vaccination is not to blame and they are refusing to acknowledge any possible link.

We’ve been told, ‘No, it’s nothing to do with the vaccine…because it only happened once.’ I don’t know,” Eile said, before adding he feels “proper guilty” about getting the boy vaccinated.

The fact that the consultant in the hospital denied any link, so that it won’t be recorded as associated with the vaccine – that’s not good,” the dad says.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. When you have children you have to think for yourself and make choices best for your child. There is not one iota of data that even remotely suggests children should be poisoned with this vaxx forever nonsense.

  2. Sadly like the rest of the herd he was guilted into doing what is “best” for society. They’ve brainwashed people into thinking this is somehow their moral duty. The reality is if this stupid “vaccine” worked, they should be completely protected and your unvaccinated child would be of zero consequence to them. Covid risk for children is mathematically close to zero for those that do not have serious underlying issues. There is no logical reason to risk their health for this giant unethical experiment. Some learn the hard way. May God watch over and show mercy to his child and the millions of other children whose parents failed them.

    • ten billion vaxed or billions would have passed also vaxs always need work and lab time which in this case was short

      • How am I praying on kids? By thinking they should be free to live their lives with choices? Without constant propaganda telling them they’re going to die??? Your parents clearly failed you. Or maybe it was that public education system

      • According to official numbers out of England, for all of 2020-through now, a total of 8 people 0-24 years of age died of Covid. Those are OFFICIAL NUMBERS – go look it up. The vaxx IS going to kill this poor child eventually along with EVERY SINGLE PERSON that is vaxxed. This is only the beginning.

        Thanks for playing.

  3. The vaccines are spiked with different poisons. micro clots, HIV, sterilization, castration, reduce T-Cell production.

  4. The best case scenario is if all of the self-policing, go-alongs, willingly-and-blindly-led, tyranny-worshipping, walking-dead, farmed-from-birth-like-cattle, stand-for-nothing, fall-for-everything, degenerate vaccinated masses would die within a year. That part Iagree with the globalists. They are totally worthless valueless oxygen thieves, on a good day; and part of the reason totalitarianism exists to the magnitude that it does.

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