Alex Jones Attacked With ‘Boiling’ Coffee

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Infowars host Alex Jones was attempting to make a video about his beliefs on the terror attacks in Spain when he was attacked by a man wielding “boiling coffee”.

The controversial talk show host and ally of President Trump was in Seattle trying to film the video on Thursday but was repeatedly attacked by passersby, one of whom chose to throw coffee at him.

The incident happened near the Macy’s in the city’s downtown, according to the Seattle Times.

The Independent reports: In his first interaction, seen on a video posted on his channel, Mr Jones was confronted by a man who made an obscene gesture towards him. He then chased the man down and said he wasn’t “an intellectual”, and was a “dumbass and a coward”.

He was then shouted at by another man who said he was “trash”. Mr Jones asked the passerby to say the same thing on camera and tell him “intellectually who you are”.

The two then squared up to each other as if they were going to fight. Mr Jones called the man a “literal slave of the system”.

The passerby then opened his coffee cup and threw its contents straight into Mr Jones’s face. He then wielded the cup at Mr Jones as if he was going to fight, before leaving to go to work where “they have more coffee”.

The far-right talk show host then said he was “proud of this”, as the coffee dripped down his face. He suggested that the man had thrown coffee at him because he is “allied with Jihadis, because they hate the west so much”.

Jones deniers were quick to say that the coffee incident appeared to be a ‘fake news’ stunt.

Do you think the whole incident was staged?

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