Kyle Rittenhouse to Sue Facebook into Oblivion for Lying on Behalf of Democratic Party

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Kyle Rittenhouse to sue Facebook into bankruptcy

Kyle Rittenhouse has vowed to sue Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and other mainstream media outlets into oblivion for viciously lying about him on behalf of the Democratic Party.

According to Rittenhouse’s attorney Todd McMurtry, the lawsuit against Zuckerberg stems from him calling Rittenhouse a “mass murderer” and using his platform to censor any views that would take opposition to the mass murderer allegation.

“Well, right now, we’re looking at quite a few politicians, celebrities, athletes, Whoopi Goldberg’s on the list,” Rittenhouse told Tucker Carlson on Monday night. “She called me a ‘murderer’ after I was acquitted by a jury of my peers. She went on to still say that.”

“We’re going to be taking them to court.”


  1. Well I think the jury were wrong but let’s see how far gets His image wasn’t worth diddly squat as income. What’s he lost Nothing He’s probably gained more image potential to earn money.

    • Except that now he is a huge celebrity and the lies are damaging his future. Already he’s been denied entrance at
      Arizona State University just because he’s a “murderer”. This might effect any future income he might have and
      that’s ALOT of money he would be losing out on. Kyle was horrendously lied about and now alot of people hate him
      when he did nothing wrong except defend himself from gangsters who would have killed him.

      • Well then he should be suing the Uni because they can’t do that when the Courts acquitted him. I’m not so sure I believe that s the reason he didn’t get in though.
        And as for his guilt fact is he went out armed and loaded. He didn’t have to go put into the riots and he didn’t need to take any part in it No one came for him He went looking for them.

        • He was protecting businesses from being destroyed by criminals. He’s a damn hero, yet here you are dissing him. WHat kind of person does that?

          • THAT SWATS JOB and he was getting in thier faces putting him and them in danger STAY HOME DEFEND MOMA

          • Yes they were and he was putting them in clear and present danger-they should have plugged him and whoever else bore arms at them SWAT MUCH?

          • police protect people not buildings that is the rent a cops job worked as a rent a cop for over ten years and VET he was doing nothing but putting the SWAT at risk and he had no rights or dutys to play fake cop.he was only lookinf for a payday and a attorney to get it for him

          • LUNCH MOB at dennys von rents get a identity before you`all just fad away

          • I`ve carryed a GUN for and defended the national guard armory and the governator`s nuke bunker for as little as $3.65 per hour for many years years ago and I never shot anyone.So your honner and noble BS is unfounded.1500 M16 some M60`s the whole base full of muti-millions of dollars worth of trucks tanks and weapons a nuclear bunker and they hired ME a worthless turd for 3.65 cents per hour NOT the national guard troops BUT me night watchman eating popcorn and drinking coffee unable to afford about anything.BUT thier trust in me restored me and those years were a honner even without any real living ever being made

          • You aren’t addressing the point – which is defamation. No matter how you look at it he didn’t commit murder. You sure are upset about this, something’s really flipped your switch.

          • Clint#2 again won`t stop wantin to kill the public.SWAT should have PLUGed and unplugged him for putting the police in danger by trying to fo enforcer EASTwood on everyone including SWAT.He`ll get sued sooner or later all only a attorney feeding issue really.NO one shot him and the point is he has NO right to take anyones life anyway for someone else write off.You are garbing on and grabbing at straws in stero two part want to be a HERO than join a cival group and back up the police like they ask you too!.Seen`um all fail and fall police&zitfaced green horns since the 1960`s CLINT! paddock

          • you are nothing but fake the double indenitys and I don`t have switches you non combat dumb bum BUM got gum gum?

          • HERO`s Save lifes he is a zero white trash hickup in fear of his own shadow the worst of the worst to be in battle with so he put the SWAT at HIGH DANGER by bearing the weapon that he picked the wrong one which triggered a riot reaction that made him and his attorneys rich and the streets NO safer

      • Yea wrong clint#2.He put all of SWAT in danger and they should have pluged him but they were super distracted and busy.he will never be any part of anything other than crazy white kid hate gangs.WTF are you ten years old?

      • A wimp went looking for a fight with a AR he cryed big crocky tears like a baby faced MONSTER and hey your free to go back to your tree HOUSE come on now.He had attorney who won but the public will never feel safe around baby faced nelson again anyway MJ WON WON WON AND WON but payed and payed and payed

        • You calling him a “wimp” is your own personal opinion. His attorney brought FACTS to the case, something so simple and fundamental to the justice system that you can’t comprehend with your feeble brain. I guess the “noble and strong” psychopaths who were there to burn buildings and destroy the property of innocent people while ganging up on one kid weren’t looking for a fight? One a convicted pedo I might add.

          PS – Try remedial English so you can learn how to type statements that make sense. Thanks in advance.

          • Learn to use your brains The Courts twist, the word ATTORNEY is from the French and means to TWIST. To turn

          • Any cry baby bearing a AR in a civil setting not being part of law enforcement LOOKING for a civil war is a wimp cry baby denfended by money seeking SHARK ATTORNEY-ss still feedin I mighty also add.First no ONE should have been hunting the streets go shoot a mouse mouse stay home at moma`s or in yer tree house LET SWAT do their JOB thats why we pay taxes.Some loose cry baby kid crying On Q.A noble strong WTF ockin BIRD IRA IRA cc ryder grow a pair defend yourt HOME not your GUNNY HONEY thingie.He`s LUCKY someone did`nt take him out like SWAT as he was a clear and present DANGER TO LAW ENFORCEMENT so they had a reason.The jurys make bad decisions all the time and in many cases don`t know law at all.So court room sharks feed.One more crazy white KID killing an`t noble it`s a INSANITY DEFENCE based on his self forced fear of getting hurt no AR and they would`nt have attacked him anyway

          • So you don’t know, got it. Please eat a tide pod and stop wasting our oxygen.

          • Did you moma beat you or something why so maddy? you seem to under stand my words.Your not clint eastwood so no one knew you so WTF.The jail system is full of cases that went the other way one time killers so WTF put yourself in danger and law enforcement in danger/Stay the fluct OUTA thier way LET them SWAT SWAT those GOON gang bangers defend them SWAT if and when needed on civil dutys not a green horn lone mouse house tree house cry baby now forever unwanted by even his moma..Just a attorney funding nobody for life also

    • The attorneys win-the jury means nothing as everything is subpressed and not allowed by court room sharks feeding

    • He was and is a loser lookin for a payday candy bar in his treehouse world of white trash house of shames awards show running fulltime in his crazy loon baby face head

  2. Does this story make you feel good? It is supposed to, but facebook will end up not paying a penny. Just another psyop story for you. Just to give you that emotional roller coaster ride. Brought to you by the neighborhood CIA
    psychopaths in the Operation mocking bird department.

  3. IT`s A ATTORNEY free ride shark feeding Fenzy!. everyone will flee him as he should have done in fact he should have never showed up IF he needed a AR why go pre-med KILL KILL KILL

  4. Mockin bird don`t sing CIA CIA CIA CIA all day hey look CIA CIA CIA the jury will never allow it and it will be subpressed as a mexican howard hughes rillion dollar feeding frenzy IV bagged coma`ed murder INC hit

    • Juries don’t decide The Judge does. What’s allowed to be seen heard They censor the Courtroom.

      • ATTORNEYs are the sharks feeding and judges that don`t fall in line and take kickbacks get kicked back to the poor house

      • SomeTimes there is not a jury and that judge decides the case based on the defence attorneys defence true but in most cases the jury decides whereas the judge rules and can even over rule but than that jude can be over ruled by higher courts on and on it goes it take years sometimes to get the HIGH court ruleing if they will even hear the case.But in jury cases which are not taken to the higher courts the jury does indeed decide based on the attorneys defences and the judges oversights

      • The HIGHER court can over rule but in most cases where the case goes for the defence there is no appeal so there the jurys decides those cases if the attorneys DECIDES have a jury decision trial.In those cases that are taken up the ladder to the highest courts a board of setting judges decides ALways and there is not a public jury other than the board of judges

      • The judges have to follow the laws of the states and fed goverment OR they can and do get removed from dutys they can also volate laws if they censor and don`t follow the law and their cases get thrown out and they can go to jail also.Cases get thrown out all the time for judges volatiing thier asignment of dutys which damages the state and fed court system so NO judges don`t write thier own laws or decide anything other than how to F-up and not follow the letter of law whichs opens the door for appeals by ATTORNEYs/ COURT MUCH?

  5. IF he had a weapons permit to carry a hidden side arm NO ONE would be dead as no one would have attacked him so he would could still have alife also

  6. Clinty1&2 runaway they think thier gunny is in thiert panties honey and is not a firearm combat weapon but a woopy stone toy toy

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